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Where do Programmers write Code

Mar 11, 2022 | Low Code, Zero Code

Are you a Newbie Programmer and wanted to know – Where do Programmers write Code ?

This question has Two aspects.

Aspect (1) – You wanted to know, what Programmers are using to write, Test, and compile their source codes. In other words, you are interested in Code Editors or software That are used by Programmers.

Let’s discuss the second aspect as well.

Aspect (2) – Programmers are best known for creating and executing their algorithms. In this case, you are interested in learning how Programmers alter their codes if they need to change an application’s source code.

Let’s proceed to answering both aspects in more details.

Where do Programmers write Code ?

To answer this Question, we need to list both aspects in order.

Aspect (1)

Aspect (1) shows your intention to use Tools used by Programmers. Such Tools are called Code Editors.

In this case, Programmers use Code Editors or Integrated Development Environments (IDE) to write their source codes.

These are special kind of utilities built for Programmers. Such programs are best known for their benefits, such as Code Syntax Highlighting, showing Errors, and compiling source code.

There are many Code Editors out there. Some of the best known Source Code Editors include Notepad++, Vim, Atom, Bluefish, and Sublime Text.

When installed, programmers can create a new file for source code projects. Programmers can also save, edit, or compile and run codes with the help of Code Editors.

The experience of Code Editors seems prominent if you are trying to learn and code in the beginning. While Code Editors also serve advanced programmers, features like Syntax Highlighting helps newbies learn and code with confidence.

Having That clarified, programmers use Code Editors to write their codes.

In other words, programmers also use other resources to write, save, edit, and run their codes. For example, there are Web Code Editors out there, helping programmers write and compile codes with an Internet connection.

In case of Web Code Editors, you can create new Files that contain codes. Once completed, you can also download code files, save, share, or run on the Cloud.

In case of using an Online Code Editor to write codes, you don’t need to install additional software. In simple words, programmers who wanted to use Online Code Editors only need to have a Web Browser with an Internet connection.

Online Code Editors are helpful when you don’t want to install an offline Compiler. In this case, the Cloud Web Based Code Editor helps you write and compile codes on the go.

Some of the Web Based Code Editing utilities include Play Code, Code Pen, Stack Blitz, AWS Cloud, and JS Bin.

Note: Don’t forget to read descriptions for Online Web Based Code Editors prior to using them. In this case, you wouldn’t waste time using non supportive Web IDE for your coding projects.

Aspect (2)

The aspect (2) addresses altering code of an already developed application.

For example, once a Programmer has developed an application, how can he or she alter source code if he/she needs to make any changes ?

This is what the aspect (2) of this write-up addresses. Let’s describe the matter in more details.

First of all, keep in mind That a programmer is the best known person to alter his/her applications. It means, there is no random developer That can confidently alter a program’s source code.

Having That clarified, once a programmer develops an application, he/she knows how to make changes in its source codes.

For example, after an application has been developed, the source code files still remains with the owner programmer of the application.

When the Coder or Programmer needs to change an application, he or she can easily alter the source codes to reflect new changes in the application.

Please note, the IDE, Technologies, or Utilities used while altering the codes depend on programmer’s personal preference.

For example, if a web programmer has used Adobe Dream Viewer to code a project, the best place to alter the source code would be the Adobe Dream Viewer.

Similarly, programmers can also use individual Code Editors to code and later various projects. An example of a Code Editor would be Vim.

Having That clarified, based on specific application such as Adobe Dream Viewer, a programmer would open the coded files with an application (Adobe Dream Viewer) and make changes accordingly.

Once finished, the deployment framework can be updated to reflect newly made changes. For example, uploading new versions of edited files to the Web.

Final Thoughts

As a Programmer, you can also start learning to write code in a simple Notepad. However, using Code Editors helps you avail additional benefits, such as Code Syntax Highlighting.

To be straightforward, programmers use Code Editing applications to write their source codes. Also, programmers use online Code Editors, such as Code Pen.

On the other hand, programmers write codes within already developed applications with the help of different frameworks involved.

For example, if an application or coding project has been developed in a specific utility, such as Adobe Dream Viewer for web based projects, the programmer would most likely use Adobe Dream Viewer to write code while making changes to existing applications.

This is how programmers write or alter code of existing applications.

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