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GoNoCode.Net is owned and operated by, a Zero Code platform for Salesforce and SAP.

On GoNoCode.Net, we publish educational content on Zero Code platforms, applications, and Salesforce/SAP Integration. We respect your interest and want to clear Privacy Concerns regarding using GoNoCode.Net platform.


The education material we provide on GoNoCode.Net is solely facilitates people above age 18. The topics we publish on this Blog don’t have concerns with Kids or people who don’t understand the subjective topics, such as Salesforce and SAP Integration.

Collection of Data

Currently, we don’t ask for any data while the users are browsing GoNoCode.Net, however if you leave a comment on a Blog Post, we may know your Email Address. The mentioned feature is not enabled or used by Website Owners, but used by WordPress – as you can’t leave a comment without entering your contact information.

Users’ Data

We have authority to edit or remove your data, such as the comments you leave on GoNoCode.Net. In this case, if the matter related to one of our features or content, we may reach you out for clarification. However, this routine is not promised in most cases. Usually, the content or users’ comments that provide value are not removed.

Data Access

Other than you and the owners of GoNoCode.Net have access to data you leave on GoNoCode.Net, such as Email Address while entering a Comment.

Please note, your data is not shared across 3rd party media, such as Social Media or Forums.


The Browsers’ functionality may ask you for accessing your systems’ data or cookies. We, personally, have not enabled or setup any measure to collect your Browsers’ Cookies.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We Thank you for taking interest to read our Privacy Statements. This page (Privacy Policy) will be updated as the changes are made to the statements. We try our best to keep your data secured, protected, and validated in any circumstances possible.

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We are a Salesforce App providing company with No Code Tools, 3rd party Integrations, Security, and 24/7 Support. Go ahead and subscribe for a Free Trial.

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