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Do You need an IDE to Code (Detailed Explanation)

Dec 9, 2021 | Low Code, Zero Code

If you are a beginner or have experience in coding, you can ask, whether or not an IDE is vital for coding.

While coding is a separate skill, having an IDE can make or break your career and learning process.

In this article today, we are going to explore, do we need an IDE for coding ?

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Introduction to IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

An IDE refers to a computer application That helps you facilitate, equip, and prepare for developing custom applications. An IDE consists of a source code editor, interpreter, and code documentation, helping you develop, debug, and run programming codes.

In simple words, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a framework for software development. Without an IDE, you could be lost in manual routines That requires hours to complete.

Do you need an IDE to code ?

The importance of an IDE while programming weigh equal importance for beginners and advanced users. However, accepting or denying an IDE solely depends on several factors, such as level of coding, nature of programming language, and coding outcomes you want to achieve.

For example, while an IDE keenly improves coding environment, you as an absolute beginner don’t need an IDE for learning process. This is true in case you are confident about code outcomes.

Similarly, advanced programmers look for coding structures, expressions, and run time achievements while they are trying to code complex programs. In this case, using an IDE becomes undeniable.

After all, we highly recommend using an IDE while you are coding. Because, an IDE helps you spot out run time errors very easily. It helps you remove errors and compile your code without hassles.

Examples of IDE Frameworks

There are many examples of coding IDE(s) for programmers. But, you should know about the following IDEs if you plan to use one in your coding projects.

No Code IDE (examples)






Why skip using an IDE to code ?

Here, we are going to list reasons or scenarios you would most likely skip using an IDE application for coding.

Manual Learning for Beginners

If you want to manually understand how coding works, skipping an IDE will help you sharpen your coding expertise. It will be tough and is recommended for beginners with a key intention of programming.

Small Projects

If you are working on a small project, you can skip using an IDE and stick to using a simple Text Editor. In this case, your Text Editor should have the ability to highlight coding syntax.

Sharpen your skills to write Code Syntax

An IDE helps you quickly spot out misspelled variables and functions. This is not idea for those who want to code using fingers and those who want to sharpen their manual syntax writing.

IDE’s Limited Interface

While using an IDE to code, you will be limited to what an IDE offers. If you are looking for a custom environment and are looking to work with random files, you would most likely skip using an IDE for coding.

Why use an IDE for coding ?

Now, let’s describe the reasons of why you would like to use an IDE to code.

Make your Life easier with an IDE

An IDE application will make your life easier while striving to write, compile, debug, and run your coding programs. As an IDE includes error messages, drag and drop commands, and run time assessment, creating and running a custom application becomes an enjoyable routine as compared to skipping an IDE for coding.

Spot out programming Errors quickly

If you are an absolute beginner, using an IDE for coding helps you understand how things work. You can see where, when, and how a specific code structure fails and how does an IDE helps you point out reasons involved.

Speed up your Coding routines

Intermediate programmers can speed up their coding activities with an IDE. As you can find repositories and expressions in an IDE, you can quickly find where a certain code snippet is creating problems or affecting code output.

Code Blocks or Snippets

An IDE can create and save code snippets. In case of repetitive routines, you can use code blocks or snippets to save time.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

An IDE may include GUI for output rendering. In case you want to run and see coding inputs, you can use a modern IDE to see your coding results in real-time.

Benefits of an IDE Application

Syntax Highlighting helps you quickly read your code snippets. This also helps you understand how code snippets work together to create a specific output.

Syntax Auto-completion in an IDE helps you quickly write code snippets and functions. Once you start writing code, the autocomplete feature shows suggestions and helps you enter commands quickly.

Real-Time features in an IDE helps you run commands with output rendering. At the same time, you can see your coding outcomes right in the same environment.

Importing Libraries is easy with an IDE application. As you enter code snippets, the IDE application helps you automatically import the required libraries into your coding project.

Building, Compiling, and Running a coding project is easy with an IDE application. Unlike manual routines or working with a command line, an IDE has got programmers covered throughout a coding project.


Using an IDE to code depends on personal preferences of coders. There are beginners who feel comfortable using an IDE while in most cases, programmers with a decade of experience still use their manual routines for coding projects.

While using or denying an IDE application doesn’t affect your coding skills, it is recommended for beginners to use an IDE. Not only they can learn from an IDE framework, but also helps them quickly create, compile, and run their coding projects.

Last but not least, if you are confident enough to use or reject using an IDE, you can proceed with confidence. There are coders who still feels easy with Text Editors with syntax highlighting feature.

It also depends on the nature of a coding project, whether to use or reject using an IDE. In most cases, advanced programmers would choose their custom environment for coding projects.

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