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What do Programmers do at Google

Mar 11, 2022 | SAP, Zero Code

Ever wondered, what do Programmers do at Google ? You have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing Two aspects of this question.

Aspect (1) You are a Newbie programmer and wanted to know, how Google is hiring and using Programmers. Good luck for job hunting at Google.

Aspect (2) You are a Coder / Programmer and wanted to know, what do Programmers search for on Google. In other words, you wanted to know, how are programmers using Google ?

So, without further delay, let’s start exploring the subject matter in more details.

Note: You can also jump over to the desired sections if you want to skip additional information.

What do Programmers do at Google ?


So, what Programmers or Coding Engineers do at Google, when they are hired ?

According to people who worked at Google, programmers work on different projects based on Google’s products and infrastructure.

For example, a Programmer at Google responsible for Google Chrome Web Project works on Web Based Languages. On the other hand, other Programmers are busy in their respective jobs at Google.

So, in simple words, not every Programmer or Coding Engineer works on the same exact thing at Google.

Also, Programmers at Google work on different aspects of coding activities and projects based on Topics, such as Front end or Backend development.

In this case, a Programmer labelled as Software Engineer at Google may work on different projects, if he or she is qualified for respective position(s).

Note: Google also hired different individuals for various projects. Having That clarified, a software engineer for a project may have different Programming / Coding skills as compared to one hired for a different Type of project.

To learn more about how Programmers work at Google, don’t forget to watch this video of a former Google Employee.

Let’s describe the second aspect of the question.


Did you want to know, how Programmers are using Google ?

It depends on personal intentions of every programmers. For example, some use Google Search to find Code Snippets while they are coding. On the other hand, others use Google to find and learn how Code Syntax work.

There is a slight different in both perspectives.

The Programmers who use Google to find Code Snippets are some kind of Script Kiddies. In simple words, such Programmers use Google to act like Programmers.

For example, a Script Kiddie will run a Google Search to find a Code Snippet written by other Coders. He or She would copy the code and paste in a project he/she is currently working on at the moment.

Similarly, the Coders who use Google to learn how Code Syntax work are called Learners. In this case, they are looking for Learning Resources.

Such programmers use Learning Platforms like Stack Overflow and Quora to learn how different Code Syntax’s work. Platforms like Stack Overflow are best known to ask Developers’ questions and get answers.

Stack Overflow also contains Copyright-Free code snippets written by random programmers. When questions are asked on the platform, people often comment with instant code snippets for helping purposes.

Using Google doesn’t make programmers bad or lazy with the passage of Time. But, in my personal opinion, it does affect programmers’ perception to write code manually and solve problems.

Similarly, if programmers pick up a Code and use it, they are not able to track possible errors if occurred because the code is written by someone else.

Only if the code algorithm is understood, the programmer would be able to track and correct software bugs in Time.


Programmers at Google perform different Tasks depending on what they are hired for at Google.

For example, there are different projects at Google, such as Web or Cloud based projects. A Programmer hired in a specific project or domain is responsible for a different set of Tasks as compared to those hired for other types of projects.

The bottom line is, it depends on the Domain or Product of Google that whether or not a Programmer will take necessary measures as expected by Developer’s of today’s age.

As for as the second aspect is concerned, Programmers often use Google for different purposes. For example, programmers run Google Searches to find Code Snippets or learn how Code Syntax’s work.

If you find this article helpful or want to suggest an edit, please join the conversation in the comments. We have put together factually correct information, as for as our knowledge is concerned.

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