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5 Ways you can Revamp Patients’ Satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys

Apr 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Salesforce

Are you working in a Health Care industry and wanted to take Surveys from Patients ? In this article, we will be addressing Salesforce Surveys for Health Care industry.

You will learn, how can you improve Patients’ satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys.

Here, a Patients’ satisfaction refers to providing seamless Digital Experience when it comes to Patients’ routines, such as Appointments, Medical Reporting, and taking Patients’ Surveys on the go.

In this resource, Readers will cover the importance of Surveys for Patients, how can you improve Patients’ satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys, and how can you get started with Salesforce Surveys for Patients.

Note: You can Jump to the specific Section if you are in a hurry and want to skip the additional details.

Importance of Surveys for Patients

If you are aiming at taking Surveys from Patients, you are close to achieving Patients’ satisfaction. In this case, once you have decision making data in hand, you can improve how Patients perceive Things about your Health Care services.

This is how taking Surveys is extremely important for Health Care industries.

Salesforce Surveys help Patients seamlessly record their desires, data, reservations, and suggestions when it comes to the Health Care services. No matter what, users can always access digital Salesforce Surveys with devices, such as Desktop Computers, Tablets, or Mobile devices.

Improve Patients satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys

Let’s proceed to learn – how can you improve Patients’ satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys.

1. Bi-Directional Patients’ Surveys with Salesforce

Your Salesforce account can hold Patients’ data in a large scale. Here, there is big opportunity when it comes to improving Patients’ satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys.

With a No Code platform used to create Salesforce Surveys, you can create Bi-Directional Surveys with drag and drop User Interfaces. This means, Salesforce Surveys can also fetch Patients’ records from Database. In this case, Patients’ with relevant scenarios can handle their Survey experience more efficiently with corresponding Medical records.

2. Dynamic Pre-Fill Survey Fields

Technically, the No code platforms for Salesforce Surveys help you fetch and display dynamic Data in a Survey Field, in real Time as the Patients’ are filling out the Form Fields.

In this case, you can also set Conditional Logic on Form Fields within a Survey. This means, once a Patient enters a specific piece of input in a Survey Field, the system automatically fetches and fills out the Patients’ details in real Time. No doubt, it is a big Time saver for Patients and significantly improves Patients’ satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys.

3. Post Appointment Salesforce Surveys

Not only Surveys in Real Time, you can also ask Patients how they felt attending their recent interaction with a Doctor. No doubt, it significantly improves how Patients think about your Hospital and Services.

In this case, Patients can seamlessly let you know their thoughts with point and click Salesforce Surveys. In this case, you can also give options to Patients, choices, and scenarios regarding how they went through the entire process. No doubt, regarding Salesforce Surveys for Patients, this significantly help you improve your Patients’ satisfaction, very easily with Salesforce Surveys.

4. Feedback on Intake Forms

Having That mentioned, you should already have configured Digital Intake Forms in your Health Care routines. In this case, an Intake Form is used to collect initial information of a Patient, prior to let a Patient reserve an Appointment.

Once a Patient fills out an Intake Form, you can create Digital Documents with Salesforce Integration for Document Generation with a No Code platform. It means, once a Patient has filled out an Intake Form, he or she will get a PDF or DOCx document to confirm his/her Appointment, along with Medical record being given in the Intake Form.

5. Automated Documents Verification for Patients

When it comes to Patients with Medical records evaluation, Patients don’t need to go through visiting Doctors and Assistants in person. Instead, if your business has correctly implemented Salesforce Surveys and Document eSigning with Salesforce, Patients records are verified in minutes.

In this case, Patients don’t need to go through separate routines for Doctors’ verification of documents. In this case, Salesforce Document eSigning algorithms have got Patients covered. In this case, once a Patient needs document verification, automated process of Document eSigning with Salesforce helps patients get verified documents in minutes.

How to get started with Patients’ Surveys ?

As discussed earlier, you can also use No Code platforms for Salesforce Surveys for Patients. In this case, No Code platforms, not only help you create Salesforce Surveys, but also help you perform Salesforce Integration.

To get started, you can consider the following broad steps involved in the Trade.

Step (1)

Proceed to log into a Form Builder or Survey creator application of your choice. You will get several options, such as starting from scratch or getting started with pre-defined Templates. Choose an option and proceed to the next step.

Step (2)

Populate your Survey Canvas with various Input Fields. In this case, a No Code platform should provide a drag and drop User Interface to perform such actions. Once completed, you can safely Publish your Survey Form to the public.

Step (3)

Now, you can also let people know that you have a Survey created and is ready to be attended by Patients. In this case, you have different sharing options, depending on the Tool you used to create a Survey Form. For example, after a Survey Form has been created, you can share your Survey with a Link, on Social Media, or via Email.

Step (4)

Test your Survey once you have made it available for your Patients. In this case, you will be receiving Patients’ Responses if a Patient fills out your Survey Form. In this case, you will be viewing Patients’ Responses in the Tool’s analytics – the Tool you used to create the Survey Form. You can also see measures inside your Salesforce account.

Form more information on creating Salesforce Surveys for Patients, you can watch this easy to understand video Tutorial. Please note, the Interface may vary in different Tools, no Code Tools you use for Salesforce Surveys and integration.

Note: This is how you can create Salesforce Surveys and improve your Patients’ satisfaction with automated, easy to attend, and seamless Surveys for Health Care industry.


Salesforce Surveys can efficiently improve Patients’ experience in Health Care industries. Not only Feedback management, but also used for Post Appointment Follow-ups.

No Code Tools provide an easy manner to create Salesforce Surveys, also perform Salesforce Integration. Not only this fact, but you can also share your Surveys across various channels, such as Social Media and Emails.

In the article above, you covered how Health Care industry can revamp their Patients’ experience with Salesforce Surveys.

For more information on how Salesforce Surveys can help you streamline Patients’ experience, you can let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments.

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