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Automatic Salesforce Document Generation: 5 Scenarios how it empowers Practitioners

Apr 14, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

Salesforce Document Generation is extremely important for Businesses that generate users’ documents on the go. For example, businesses That generate users’ resume in a PDF format.

By Salesforce in this phrase, the process is achievable with Salesforce data and a No Code automation Tool. In this case, once you have configured a No Code Tool for the said purpose, Salesforce’s data helps you automate the process of Document Generation.

In this article today, we are focusing on the Salesforce Document Generation for Health Care industry, especially for Practitioners.

Here, Practitioners refer to people who are actively engaged in a practising routine with Medical equipment, medicines, or medical assistance in general.

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Introduction to Automated Document Generation with Salesforce

What is Document Generation ?

Document Generation is also called Document Creation. Along with the Salesforce word, the process makes relation with the Salesforce data.

Document Generation is the process of document conversion or creation of a document with Salesforce or a Form’s data. For example, if submitting a Form results in creating a Document, such as PDF Resume, refers to the Document Generation.

Similarly, you can also let system create Templates by what you have designed, such as a Form or File. This also falls under Document Generation and helps you quickly create new Documents with pre-defined Templates available.

Does Salesforce help while generating Documents automatically ?

Yes. Once you have integrated a Form Builder with Salesforce, Form submission will trigger generating Documents, if you have successfully configured a Process Flow with Salesforce.

In simple words, Salesforce does help users generate Documents automatically.

Why and When should you use Salesforce Document Generation ?

If you need to create Documents with users’ data collected via a Form, you will need to configure Salesforce, a No Code Tool, and a Process Builder with Salesforce.

Salesforce Document Generation helps you automate the creation and sending of Medical reports. This saves you Time, cost, and manual routines which otherwise require hours to complete by hand.

5 Scenarios how Salesforce Document Generation empowers Health Care Practitioners

1 – Reduce Manual resources of Document Handling

With Salesforce Document Generation, along with a No Code application for Form creation, you can quickly automate manual routines, which otherwise takes hours to complete. In this case, efficient automation of Document Generation helps Practitioners quickly save Time, while not affecting Patients flow.

2 – Generate automated Patients’ History and Reports

Let suppose as a Practitioner, you have built a Patients’ database, connected with Salesforce data and a No Code Form Building application. In this case, a patient’s ID number will help you quickly fetch medical records and history, followed by preparing a Patient’s report automatically in a Document format, such as DOCx or PDF. In this case, undoubtedly, you can maintain your Patients’ history, records, and can save time while preparing patients’ automated documents with Salesforce Document Generation functionality.

3 – Create automated Invoices with Branding

In this case, you should have first created a Document Template for Invoicing with Branding. Document Templates help you shape up resultant documents. Once completed, a Form that takes Patients’ specifics will trigger creating automated Invoices with Practitioner’s branding. In simple words, without having a Salesforce Document Generation facility in place, you would most likely unable to create automated Invoices with Branding, helping you expand your authority and reach as a Practitioner.

4 – Automated Patients’ Appointments

With Salesforce Survey and Appointment Forms, patients can quickly register for a Meeting. This automation seamlessly update patients’ records in an automated manner. In the same manner, Patients are automatically assigned Appointments once a form has been filled in successfully. In this case, patients can even print their automatically generated Appointment sheet.

5 – Verification of Medical records across different Devices and Doctors

Once an Invoice, Appointment, or Branded letter has been created, verification becomes even more enjoyable with Salesforce Document Signatures. In this case, a single document is automatically circulated via email to the respective individuals. Once they get their copy, they can also sign the document with a click of a button. This routine quickly helps Practitioners verify Medical Reports across different devices, involving different individuals.

How to get started with Salesforce Document Generation ?

So, you wanted to get started with Salesforce Document Generation ? You have come to this far, well enough. Let’s proceed to describe more details.

Salesforce Document Generation is easily achievable with No Code Tools. By using such platforms, generating Salesforce Documents becomes an enjoyable routine.

No Code platforms help you generate Documents without knowing how to code. In this case, once you have signed up to a No Code Tool for Salesforce Document Generation, you will get a point and click User Interface.

Here, Salesforce Document refers to the resultant documents with Salesforce data. In this case, a document is generated by fetching and processing data from a Salesforce account.

To get started, you should have signed up to a No Code platform for Salesforce Document Generation, such as Titan DXP. It provides automated Document generation with Salesforce Integration.

Next, you will need to create a Form, such as Survey Form in this case. Next, configuring Salesforce Form will hep you generate automated documents with users’ data, on the go.

Here is a video Tutorial for the process of Salesforce Document Generation.

Note: You can also proceed to know more about Titan DXP’s portal for Health Care industry.

Wrapping up

Salesforce Document Generation weighs equal importance for Practitioners, as well as weighs importance for other Industries.

In this article, readers should have understood, how Document Generation can help Practitioners revamp their daily routine, especially when they need to generate Patients’ invoices, quotes, medical records sheet, or billing material.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce Document Generation, you can join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts on Salesforce Document Generation for Medical Practitioners.

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