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Is SAP ABAP Frontend or Backend (Detailed Explanation)

Jan 13, 2022 | Low Code, SAP

In this article, you will learn – Is SAP ABAP Frontend or Backend ?

You will need to learn about SAP ABAP, if you are planning to learn ABAP language for SAP, or if you are planning to become a full stack SAP developer.

Here is a brief list of what you will find in this write-up.

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Without further delay, let’s describe the above factors in more details.

Is SAP ABAP Frontend or Backend ?

SAP ABAP is both Frontend and Backend. In SAP ABAP, the presentation layer is supposed to be the Frontend of SAP ABAP, while we can call the Database as the Backend of SAP ABAP.

ABAP Frontend

In SAP ABAP, the presentation layer works as the User Interface of ABAP. When working across ABAP systems, you will also face distribution of the presentation layer across servers.

The presentation layer is used to see for User Actions, such as those actions That are performed on control elements.

Once the User Actions are caught by Presentation Layer, the Application Layer comes into the game.

In ABAP, the Application Layer is responsible to execute application programs. In the entire process, you can also notice the involvement of a message server and several application servers.

SAP ABAP Backend

The SAP ABAP Backend, which refers to the Database in this case, is responsible to store, accept SQL commands, and manage users’ data.

In addition to learning whether or not SAP ABAP is Frontend or Backend, the following resource will also help you learn how Salesforce Frontend and Backend works. This will help you easily understand SAP ABAP as well.

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What is SAP ?

SAP is a popular system for managing Business and Customer relations for corporate companies.

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products. SAP helps companies smoothly run their Workflow(s).

By efficiently managing and accessing a companies’ data, corporate businesses can make peoples’ and customers’ lives better with SAP products.

What is SAP ABAP ?

SAP Backend Language

ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP.

ABAP is a high level programming language, meaning That SAP developers can use SAP ABAP to code SAP applications, as High Level Programming Languages are Human oriented.

Along with combination with Java, SAP ABAP is designed to work with SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

Introduction to Frontend

In simple words, Frontend is referred to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of a system, such as Windows contains Boxes to provide a point and click User Interface to users.

In other words, Frontend is the interface That is used by end users. By interacting through Frontend, users are able to use a computer software.

Introduction to Backend

Backend is opposite to Frontend.

Unlike Frontend, Backend is not directly interact-able to end users. Having That said, Backend is mostly accesses and used by Developers.

So, Backend refers to source code, algorithm, or system of a software or application That provides functionality in background, such as storing and managing an application’s data.


Is SAP ABAP Frontend or Backend ?

So, did you learn how SAP ABAP works, when it comes to Frontend or Backend interface ?

SAP ABAP is a combination of Frontend and Backend. The job or function will define whether or not you need to deal with SAP ABAP Frontend or Backend.

To learn more about SAP career, this read helps you understand SAP as a career option for you.

In short words, SAP ABAP is Frontend for those who want to learn and use SAP ABAP. On the other hand, if you want to develop SAP applications, you will need to deal with its Backend, such as Database.

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