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Is SAP BW good for Freshers (Things to Consider)

Dec 13, 2021 | No Code, SAP

If you are looking to plan a career in SAP BW, you would most likely ask, is SAP BW good for Freshers ?

In this article today, we are going to explore if it is a good option for a Fresher to start with SAP BW.

You will learn about complications while trying to pursue SAP BW career as a Fresher.

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Without further delay, let’s dive deep into the subject matter.

What is SAP ?

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is a Software company, used to help companies efficiently manage business transactions and customer relationships.

SAP modules include ones used to manage a business’ different departments, such as admin and sales. Depending on how you operate, you can choose, manage, and efficiently use SAP modules for improved performance.

Once efficiently managed, SAP modules help you seamlessly integrate information across your organization. Its could-based platform serves to more than 230 million users worldwide.

What is SAP BW ? (SAP BW Full Form)

SAP BW (Business Warehouse) is commonly used as a Data handling Tool. Based on the SAP Net Weaver ABAP platform, SAP BW helps companies collect and store data from SAP applications. It can also handle data from Non-SAP applications.

SAP BW future scope

SAP BW for beginners means and makes data accessible through analytical tools, reporting, and 3rd party integrations. Across an organization, data accessing through different channels makes SAP BW vital for business transactions.

Is SAP BW good for Freshers ?

SAP BW is good for Freshers if you want to work as a Consultant. It also helps you learn SAP Hana Modelling and the basics of ABAP. However, relying solely on SAP BW may seem difficult in the Future, as the number of SAP BW Consultants are increasing with the passage of Time.

SAP BW career growth

Having that clarified, you will need to update your knowledge if you are aiming at becoming a SAP BW Consultant.

Also, to get a job as a SAP BW model consultant or admin, companies of this age further demands relevant experience in the field.

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Zero Code platform for SAP

If you are looking to find a Zero Code platform for SAP integration and applications, don’t miss checking out Titan DXP. It helps you seamlessly integrate your company’s information with SAP and helps you create SAP workflow(s) without any CODING.

SAP BI and BW for Freshers (Things to Consider)

Is SAP BW easy to learn ?

If you are a SAP BW Developer, you can also start with SAP ABAP. In this case, you may also face a high competition in the field.

Once you have a year or so experience in SAP ABAP, you can jump to the BI, BOBJ, and Hana.

You may also need to keenly prepare yourself for Interview if you want to get a job as a Fresher in a SAP organization.

For example, if someone has shortlisted you for a SAP BW Interview as a Fresher or Entry Level candidate, you should also cover surrounding information, such as Operating Systems (Linux, Unix), Database (Oracle, MySQL), and Network Terms.

Note: Don’t expect someone will be asking you Fresher’s questions in Interview. You need to be prepared while trying to get a job or position as a SAP BW Fresher.

After having completed any SAP certification, experience is important prior to applying for a paid position. Even if you have years of experience in a sister field to SAP, companies may reject your spot for SAP BW positions as a Fresher.

In simple words, don’t consider companies will consider your relevant experience. While trying to secure a position as a Fresher in SAP BW, aim at gaining experience in the SAP system.

If you are trying to get a position for SAP experience, aim at securing admin based position. It will help you slowly dive into specific technologies, such as doing SAP BW as a Fresher or Entry Level candidate.

In this case, jumping from company to company may ruin your career. Stay within limits of a single organization to get, stay, and perform SAP specific technologies. Different organisations would increase rejection rates for you as a SAP Fresher.

In simple words, if you are aiming at getting started with SAP or SAP BW as a Fresher, you can consider the following aspects of the Trade.

Fast Moving Industry

When it comes to creating, automating, and managing Business Transaction with Enterprise Software Tools, SAP and Salesforce efficiently help companies get complex automation(s) done with ease, drag and drop User Interface (GUI). Of course, this opens doors for new candidates.

Certification (SAP and Salesforce)

You can also avail SAP certifications as a Fresher in the field. If you secure one, you can efficiently gain SAP BW positions with relevant experience in the subject matter. In this case, the importance of SAP certifications is undeniable.

Which is the Best SAP Module for a Fresher ?

As SAP provides different modules, a Fresher needs to get into several or more specifically, a single SAP module. In this case, you may be asking “Is SAP a good career for Freshers?”.

Yes, SAP is a good choice for Freshers. If you wanted to get started with SAP, consider these module as a Fresher.

  • SAP Materials Management
  • SAP Human Capital Management
  • SAP Financial Accounting
  • SAP Controlling
  • SAP Production Planning

Once you have completed experience or certificate in one of the above domains, you can skip to jump on getting started with SAP BW as a Fresher.


So, what about SAP Freshers ?

You can’t rely on a single answer to the question Is SAP BW good for Freshers. Because, SAP Industry and its Modules may change in the Future.

You may also need to get relevant experience if you are aiming at securing a position in SAP BW as a Fresher. In this case, the more you have on-point experience, the more you are good to go for SAP BW as a Fresher.

In this case, SAP Certifications may play a vital role for you. Especially if you have gained SAP experience as an Admin, SAP certifications will further increase your value as a Fresher for SAP BW positions.

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