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Is Salesforce CPQ a Managed Package (Explanation)

Jan 14, 2022 | Salesforce, SAP

Did you want to learn, Is Salesforce CPQ a Managed Package ? You have come to the right place.

In this write-up, you will learn the following key points.

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Let’s start describing the above factors in more details.

What is Salesforce CPQ ?

Salesforce CPQ is a winning solutions for Sales Team. It stands for Configure, Price, and Quote.

With Salesforce CPQ, Sales Team can seamlessly, easily, and quickly set Price information for available products and prepare automated Quotes and Proposals to speed up the Sales process.

By using Salesforce CPQ, you can also take necessary measures into account while performing Salesforce proposals, such as Discounts, Inventory Management, and Quotes generation.

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What are Managed Packages ? (Salesforce CPQ Package)

Salesforce CPQ Managed Package

When it comes to Salesforce, you need to understand what are Managed Packages ?

Salesforce Partners use Managed Packages to host and market their Applications. Managed Packages refer to units That contain components, hosted on AppExchange.

Salesforce Managed Packages help ORGs to create a managed package and make it available on AppExchange. Once completed, different organizations can download and install the hosted managed package.

Is Salesforce CPQ a Managed Package ?

According to Salesforce official resource, Salesforce CPQ is a Managed Package. As clarified, the managed packages can be easily installed in Salesforce organizations. By using Salesforce Managed Packages, you can also upgrade Salesforce CPQ and Billing.

How to install Salesforce CPQ ?

Keep in mind, before you install a new version of Salesforce CPQ or Billing, you need to test in the Sandbox. This let’s you stay away and avoid bad situations.

However, in case of any damage or uncertain situations, you can also log a case with customer support.

To proceed and install Salesforce CPQ using official package manager, click here to land on the installation page.

Before you proceed to install Salesforce CPQ with Salesforce Package Manager, it is recommended to install or update your current Web Browser.

While old browsers can load the installation page, only newer versions of modern Web Browsers can support the installation process.

On the Salesforce CPQ official package manager page, you can also find links to use the Sandbox option for Test installation. On the same page, you can also access the official Release Notes against different versions.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce CPQ Installation

Is Salesforce CPQ a Managed Package and How to install CPQ in Salesforce ?

Salesforce CPQ is a Managed Package and can be easily operated with the official Installation page of Salesforce Package Manager.

Due to its Package Management portability, you can also use a Test environment (SandBox) to test your CPQ installation, prior to installing it on an Organisation.

Along with Salesforce CPQ, you can also install or upgrade additional Tools with CPQ using Package Manager, such as Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, and Advanced Approvals.

To this line, we hope you have got an idea to learn whether or not Salesforce CPQ is a Managed Package. Along with precautions while installing Salesforce CPQ, take care of SandBox Testing to avoid uncertain cases.

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