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5 Things you need to know about Educational Surveys with Salesforce (What They Think)

Apr 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

Educational Surveys with Salesforce help you adjust data from Salesforce, as well as gather information on the go. Once you have created a Survey Form in Salesforce, you can start accepting Form Responses in Real Time.

In this article, you will learn – what should you consider when starting out with Educational Surveys with Salesforce. You will also learn the additional information about Salesforce Surveys, such as Conditional Logic on Form Fields and Survey Templates.

Educational Vendors use Salesforce Surveys to assess students’ abilities, conduct online Tests, or see how Parents think about their Institutions. Possibilities are unlimited and one can use Salesforce Surveys for a variety of Use Cases in an Educational environment.

Let’s get started and proceed to address more details. You can also jump over to the specific sections of this write-up.

What are Educational Surveys with Salesforce ?

Salesforce Surveys refer to Editors or Forms That help companies collect data from customers, clients, and partners. In this case, once a user fills out a Survey Form, the data being collected is stored inside the Salesforce ORG.

Later, the collected data can be seen in the Salesforce. Here, you can also create and manage reports, proposals, or documents with the Form data being collected with Salesforce Surveys.

As its name suggests, Surveys are used to gather feedback, answers, or quotes from an audience. Having Salesforce on the Table, one can create Salesforce Survey Forms with a No Code Tool to conduct Salesforce based Surveys on the go.

Normally, educational surveys are conducted with Paper Forms. Such manual routines affect information gathering productivity and have a tough routine when it comes to creating and managing Survey Forms. On the other hand, Salesforce Surveys help you automate certain tasks, thus helping you save Time and Cost, such as Document creation and eSigning.

Relation between Educational Surveys and Salesforce

The involvement of Salesforce in Educational Surveys automates the process of decision making. When it comes to Survey Forms and automation, a No Code platform with Salesforce Integration can help you cross the road.

In this case, No Code platforms with Salesforce also provides easy to use Surveys Templates. In this case, Tools even help you use Educational templates with no Coding involvement. You will need to choose and edit a Template to get started with Educational Surveys.

What should you consider when starting out with Salesforce Surveys in the Educational Industry ?

Here is a list of reasons and scenarios you should considering when starting out with Salesforce Surveys.

1. No Code platforms

You should have prior knowledge of how to use a No Code platform for Salesforce Surveys. As you are working in Educational Sector, you should choose a Tool that better underlines with your environment.

For example, choose a Tool that helps you seamlessly adjust educational factors, such as Procurement, Surveys with MCQs, and Student enrolments.

2. Survey Templates

Most of the Tool used to create Surveys has a bunch of ready to use Templates for Surveys. In this case, you should aim for the one That provides educational Templates for surveys.

For example, you will need to choose and edit education templates right away, such as Templates for Student enrolment, Skill Assessment Tests, Recruitment Applications, or Procurement Reports.

3. Conditional Logic

Did you know, you can set Conditional Logic on Form Fields. It refers to rule That make Form Fields smarter. For example, you can use Conditional Logic to validate Users’ inputs on a Form Field.

On a Salesforce Form, you can even extend how Conditional Logic words, such as setting up Slides Flow, Trigger options, and Input validation. Overall, Conditional Logic help Form creators easily collect smart data in minutes, real Time.

4. Dynamic Pre-Fill Form Fields

Salesforce Forms are flexible when it comes to showing data in a smarter manner. For example, you can display Salesforce data in Real Time to the users. In this case, you can display Salesforce Objects’ data in Real Time.

As a whole, you can also pre-fill Form Fields to let users experience seamless Form experience. For example, depending on specific values for a Form Field, you can display relevant inputs prior to a user entry in a Form Field. This is what we call Pre-Fill Form Fields with Salesforce Objects.

5. eSign and Approve Educational Data with Salesforce Surveys

This is how you can verify users’ data in Real Time when it comes to Salesforce Surveys. If you accept users’ files on a Salesforce Survey Form, you can also verify the Documents right away once a user submits the Survey.

In this case, you can send a File for eSigning with Salesforce automation. This involves signing and verifying a Document automatically with the concerned individuals. In the case of Educational Surveys, you can verify various documents such as Students’ proposals, Scholarship applications, or Skills Assessment documents and Reports.


The entire collection of algorithms used to make Educational Salesforce Surveys smarter is a collection of what offered by a No Code application used for Salesforce Surveys. If you justify Things correctly, you can make more productivity in less Time, as compared to manual routines for Surveys.

What Higher Education and its Customers think about Surveys ?

Educational Vendors often thing building Educational Surveys is a Technical and Tedious Task. While this is True up to a certain limit, you can also create seamless, drag and drop Surveys with Salesforce No Code applications.

Instead, Educational Vendors can quickly create Salesforce Surveys with Templates, often referred to as point and click Surveys. In this case, you can start with choosing and editing a Template to start with your first Salesforce Survey.

How to get started with Educational Surveys with Salesforce ?

To get started, you should consider a No Code application That also supports integration with Salesforce. In this case, once you are ready to use a No Code application, you can also perform Salesforce Integration right in the Tool.

To proceed, let’s suppose you have already signed into a Tool for Salesforce Surveys.

Proceed to create a new Survey Form from scratch or use the wizard option. Next, populate the canvas with content snippets and Form Fields.

Once completed, perform the Salesforce Integration and proceed to map the Form Fields. Similarly, as required, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. At the end, once you have configured the Technical aspects of the Survey, you can save and publish your Survey at the end.

You can watch the below video for more information on how Salesforce Surveys work in Real World. Please note, this tutorial contains Titan DXP, a No Code application for Salesforce Surveys. If you are using a different Tool, you will experience a different interface than Titan DXP.

No Code platforms easily help you create and implement Salesforce Surveys. Unlike manual Paper Forms used for Surveys, online Forms by No Code applications have made Surveys a lot easier as compared to the manual routines.


Possibilities are Unlimited. You can make any kind of Salesforce Surveys in any niche, by using the No Code platforms’ Templates used for Surveys.

In Educational environment, Surveys weigh equal importance when it comes to various domains, such as Tests, Applications, or Procurement quotes. In this case, you can also improve your experience with Survey Templates specifically made for Educational environments.

If you want to know more about Salesforce Surveys, you can also join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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