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Does SAP MM require Coding (Beginner’s Advice)

Mar 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Low Code, SAP

Have you decided to learn SAP MM or considering SAP modules for your career ?

Today, in this article, we are going to explore the subject – does SAP MM require Coding ?

If you belong to a programming background, this write-up will help you improve your knowledge. On the other hand, if you are lacking Technical/Coding expertise, you have come to the right place.

It is recommended That you go through the following key sub-Topics before you read the answer to the question – whether or not SAP MM needs Coding expertise.

So, let’s explore the Topics in more details.

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What is SAP ?

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is a corporate based software system for Businesses.

It means, the SAP’s products aim at serving corporate businesses, not likely individual consumers.

SAP develops software systems to handle companies’ business operations, such as Customer Relationships. This includes automation, management, and communication follow-ups.

SAP is pioneered in developing business tailored systems, no matter how much is your company, big or small. By using State of the Art Technology and Security, SAP products have been changing games for modern businesses worldwide.

What is SAP MM ?

Let’s learn how SAP MM works.

SAP MM is one of the SAP’s popular Modules. SAP MM is built to manage companies’ Material and Inventory. In simple words, as its name suggests – SAP MM is a corporate-based Inventory and Material management Tool by SAP.

With SAP MM, companies’ can efficiently manage their supply chain Tasks, such as managing Materials prior to facing shortage.

In a broader sense, SAM MM also helps SAP users streamline the process of purchasing goods. In this case, SAP MM takes care of daily processes, cost differences, and goods availability in a Timely manner.

Does SAP MM require Coding ?

Well, here is the best part of the Trade.

coding in sap mm

Does SAP MM require Coding ?

If you need to use SAP MM or have plans to enrol in a course for SAP MM, you would most likely concern about SAP MM requirements.

In a broader sense, SAP System Administration does not involve Coding in most cases. It means, SAP also implements the same manoeuvre in its Modules like SAP MM.

Let’s describe the matter in more details.

What about Coding expertise for SAP MM ?

In a simpler manner, SAP MM does not require Coding. That means, to become a SAP MM consultant, you are not supposed to learn Coding. But in order to learn SAP MM properly, you will need to go through SAP Academy’s resources.

In case of handling complex scenarios as a SAP MM Consultant, such as preparing Prints That contain information from Backend, you may need to inform Developers.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to learn how to code to use SAP MM. The above scenario comes under Developers’ responsibilities.

Also, however – it is better to know a bit of Developmental Knowledge as a SAP MM consultant. At least, the basic knowledge of surrounding areas.

Note: The same scenario can be fulfilled by You as a SAP MM Consultant with a bit of Developers’ knowledge. Or, a Developer with SAP MM expertise can also perform the said routines.

This is what SAP professionals suggest. You may not need to acquire Developers’ attributes as a SAP or SAP MM consultant, but if achieved, it is better.

Diving into more details … SAP MM consultant can efficiently manage industry Material management with SAP configurations. Please note, this doesn’t fall under coding for SAP MM.

Having That clarified, SAP MM falls under Functional Modules of SAP, which don’t require coding expertise. But, there are Technical Modules That need Coding in SAP, such as SAP ABAP.


SAP MM is categorised in Functional Modules of SAP system. Luckily, as Functional Modules don’t require Coding, you don’t need to learn how to code while learning SAP MM.

The same scenario is not True for Technical Modules of SAP system, such as SAP ABAP.

However, it is better to acquire basic Coding skills as a SAP MM consultant. Conversely, you can overcome Technical assistance with a Backend Developer, such as drawing data from Database.

If you need more assistance about SAP MM or want to suggest an edit, you can join the conversation in the comments.

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