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Does SAP BW require Coding (Facts to Consider)

Jan 4, 2022 | Low Code, SAP, Zero Code

Did you want to know, Does SAP BW require Coding knowledge ?

In this article, we will discuss whether or not you need to have coding expertise to work with SAP BW. Also, you will learn whether or not SAP BI BW requires Coding skills.

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Without further delay, let’s start defining the above factors.

Introduction to SAP BW

So, what is SAP BW ?

SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) helps companies store, integrate, and use data from SAP applications and external data sources. It helps corporations streamline their data collection, retrieval, and synchronising of data possible with Tools and systems using centralised data processing.

Regarding SAP BW architecture, using SAP BW, using of Business Data is quick and streamlined. Using a centralised data processing and retrieval system, taking decisions solely on the basis of Data processing becomes quickly possible with SAP BW.

Does SAP BW require Coding ?

Is SAP BW easy to learn ?

SAP BW is GUI Based system which means you don’t need Coding expertise to work with SAP BW. Out of three layers of SAP system, SAP BW falls under the Presentation Layer, which doesn’t involve coding requirements.

SAP Developers may have different concepts about SAP BW coding requirements. For example, if you are dealing with debugging ABAP codes, you may need to use coding or programming skills to perform debugging process.

How to learn SAP BW ?

In simple words, as SAP BW/BI is based on Enterprise Data Warehousing, one can start learning SAP BW/BI without having programming skills. However, you will need to learn how programming or coding helps while dealing with SAP ABAP Routines.

Also, some programmers of SAP systems think, there is no need of a background in ABAP to proceed with SAP BW.

Some also think you need coding expertise to build complex data sources in SAP systems. For example, if you need to pull data from different sources, you will need to use coding expertise to write and use your custom workflow(s).


Does SAP BW / BW SAP need Coding knowledge ?

Technically, you don’t need coding to use or deal with SAP BW as it falls under the Presentation Layer of SAP system. However, it requires programming expertise if you aim at building complex data workflow(s).

Also, if you want to become a SAP BW Consultant, you will need to learn how coding can help you while dealing with ABAP code debugging and BW Routines.

Similarly, if you narrow down SAP usage for specific areas, you can rely on learning the specifics, regardless of focusing on surrounding routines. But in this case, you will not be called as a full stack SAP Architect.

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