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Why should some Software metrics be kept Private

Mar 18, 2022 | Low Code, No Code, Recent Posts

Did you want to keep Software metrics Private ?

Let’s discuss the Topic in more details.

In this article, you will also learn – what should you keep Private or Public regarding a Software.

You should notice the knowledge as a Software Company or someone who needs to understand Software sensitive metrics.

Why should some Software metrics be kept Private ?

While developing a Software, you don’t need to put stress on Private or Public assets of a Software.

Because, you can decide That later, after you have tested and deployed your Software.

In simple words, some Software metrics should be kept private as disclosing them make pose serious consequences, such as theft of source code or copyrighted materials.

While it also depends on the company That ultimately uses a Software, we are going to address measures That need to be private or public in Software world.

Note: A software refers to a piece of computer program, code, or script used to solve a specific problem, such as MS Word is used to write, save, print, and send letters.

Private Metrics of a Software

Source Code

The source code of a Software must be kept Private. Because, sharing the source code may create problems for a Software Vendor.

Most of the software are not shared. Instead of those called Open Source software, refer to ones having open source code available for anyone to edit and make improvements.

Source Code refers to the actual code That solve a problem. This is what defines a Software’s ability to accomplish Things.

If a Software is needed to be changed, this is where developers need to make changes, source code.


While algorithm and source code seem the same Thing, these are Two different concepts in terms of a Software.

Source code, as discussed above is responsible to make a software able to do Things. On the other hand, Algorithm refers to concept, strategy, or psychology of how a software is able to use source code to solve a problem.

It is mandatory to keep a Software’s Algorithm private. If leaked, anyone having a Software’s Algorithm can duplicate the software architecture.

Financial Records

All the records That hold Financial data of a software life cycle should be kept private.

Similarly, the developers That took part in Developmental routines should be held responsible to keep Things private as well.

Public Metrics of a Software

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base of a software contains educational material about a Software usage routines.

A Knowledge Base contains videos, articles, and slides to help users understand how a software works.

In most cases, the official resource of a software holds such information.

Beta version

Once a software is developed, companies often make Them available to public users.

This is accomplished to test the software and to make changes as necessary.

The first version That are not publicly made available is known as Beta version. Also, a software That is passing through developmental routines is often known as Beta version.

Security assets

While security materials of a software is only allowed to specific individuals, we are going to list it under the Public section.

Once a software is developed and released, developers often announce Bug Bounty Programs to hunt for possible weaknesses.

In this case, the software is made available as a Web Application to security professionals worldwide. They test the software and report what they find as a security threat.

Software vendors also hire security hunters secretly. In this case, security professionals are bound to keep Things under an NDA agreement.

Note: NDA stands for Non Disclosure Agreement. It refers to a private agreement between Software Vendors and Security professionals, containing agreement to not disclose any information or relation of the Trade.

Final words

Software Metrics are sensitive to a Software Life Cycle.

We should keep sensitive information Private, as it may secretly cause affection to the software.

There are also measures That need to be Public in this case. For example, you will surely need to involve security professionals if you aim at finding and fixing security loopholes in a Software.

In this case, you can sign an NDA with security professionals, highlighting the importance of keeping Things secure throughout the process.

If you want to know more, please join the conversation in the comments.

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