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Why is Debugging called Debugging

Mar 15, 2022 | Editor Picks, Low Code, SAP

Debugging is the process That belongs to Developers.

For those who develops Computer Programs, Debugging is a normal routine in developmental routines.

For beginners, Debugging is briefly explained. However, you are Here to know, Why is Debugging called Debugging ?

In this resource today, we are going to describe the same subject in details.

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Well, here is a Table of Content as well.

Table of Content

Here is a brief description for the above Topics.

What is Debugging ?

Debugging is vital for creating error-free computer programs.

In Debugging, computer programs are made Error-Free. In this process, weaknesses in software are found and fixed for improved performance.

Debugging is the process That is implemented before a software is deployed. Without Debugging, a computer program may behave unexpectedly with a corporate environment.

In most case, Debugging is performed with the passage of Time. For example, there are Bug Bounty Programs announced by software vendors, used to accept Errors from worldwide Hunters.

In this case, anyone can report software Bugs to vendors. In this scenario, software Bugs are fixed and the Reporter of Bugs is compensated with Bug Bounty.

Who use Debugging ?

The Debugging process is used by Those who are responsible for Software Testing, also called Debuggers.

In this case, Developers, Security professionals, and Testers are the people responsible for Debugging.

But, the term “Debugging” was first introduced in 1940s. (History below)

Also, we should keep in mind That the term “Debugging” has been used in different field – To address different areas of functional activities, such as Careers and Engineering.

Note: Debuggers also refer to computer programs used in the process of Debugging.

Debuggers use a variety of manners to find Bugs in software. Also, they are responsible to fix found errors in the process of Debugging.

Why is Debugging called Debugging ?

At Harvard University in 1940s, a Computer person was working on a system. Suddenly, an associate found a Moth stuck in the system That was causing problems.

After the bug was removed, the Term Debugging came into being since 1940s.

The person who removed the Moth called the process “Debugging”, means removing the stuck Bug from system.

This is how the Term Debugging is introduced. Now, you may have understood – why is Debugging called Debugging.

In a simpler manner, the way a Bug was removed by a Human strongly co-relates with removing computer errors from Programs.

Since 1940, this is why the Term Debugging became widely known and acceptable for the process of removing errors from Software.

Note: The person who dealt with Debugging was named “Grace Hopper”. Today, the term Debugging is widely accepted in computer programming.

The term “Debugging” was also used for other scenarios, such as regarding the recruitment of staff.

In computer programming world, the term “Debugging” was started to use since 1950s.

Hence, the similarity of various concepts in different fields created the word “Debugging”. Hence, it was normal to address the term for activities like removing errors, the computer programmers also started using the Term.

Keep in mind, the term “Debugging” was also used by managerial personals before programmers did.

Also, hence the term “Bug” is attributed to an error in a computer program, the process of removing errors is what attributed to the term “Debugging”.

After the terms evolved in day-to-day life, computer programs used in the process of Debugging were also started naming as “Debuggers”.

This strengthened the term “Debugging” in computer world.

Final Thoughts

Debugging is called “Debugging” because the word was used accidentally or unintentionally for a computer based Task.

In 1940s, the term was used when a Bug in computer was removed by a person, Grace Hopper or her colleague.

Since the bug was removed, the term “Debugging” was emerged for removing errors from Computer Programs.

But keep in mind, this is not the only initiation of the word “Debugging”. Hence, we can see occurrence of the Term in other areas as well, such as Careers and Engineering.

As discussed earlier, this is why in 1950s, the word is constantly labelled as a term used for removing Computer Software Errors.

Note: A Bug refers to an error in computer world. This is how you can call it Debugging, the process of finding and removing computer weaknesses.

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