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Why does HTTP change automatically to HTTPs

Mar 12, 2022 | Low Code, No Code

Are you wondering – why does HTTP change automatically to HTTPs ?

You are most likely finding the answer for your website, if it redirects automatically from HTTP to HTTPs.

While it depends on Technical Factors involved, you need to know the WHY part of the subject.

This is where, we are here to discuss about changing HTTP automatically to HTTPs.

So, without further delay – let’s dive deep into the subject matter.

Below, you will see additional information about HTTP, HTTPs, and the subject. This is necessary to mention, as helping you properly understand the subject.

Note: If you want to skip to the specific answer, you can do so HERE.

What is HTTP ?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a standard, code, or protocol to access and display Internet pages with Text Links.

For example, you can access Google’s page at ! Here, the address is a Text Link used to access Google’s page on the Internet.

You can also call HTTP an Application Layer, means works when devices fro different networks need to transfer data over the Web (www).

What is HTTPs ?

HTTPs is a modified version of HTTP and features improved security for transferring sensitive data across Internet.

For example, the modern Web Browsers like Chrome stresses upon using HTTPs for financial transactions across Internet.

Note: HTTPs stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, as its name suggests.

You can validate HTTPs status of a web application by looking at the address bar in a Browser. If implemented correctly, you will see a Lock symbol at the start of Text Links.

Note: Now, here comes the actual part of the subject. So, why does HTTP change to HTTPs ?

Before we address this question, let me clear the surface for mature understandings.

Web Administrators need to apply HTTPs on their web applications. Of course, for security reasons and improved performance, running Internet Applications with HTTPs weighs equal importance.

Now, keep in mind, we are going to address – why HTTP to HTTPs change occurs automatically.

Why does HTTP change automatically to HTTPs ?

There are many reasons to why HTTP changes automatically to its secured version – HTTPs.

Probably, the most prominent reason is the Web Administrator’s backend configurations.

Reason 1

HTTP changes automatically to HTTPs because an automatic REDIRECT is already configured. This can be achieved in the backend files, such as wp-config.php in WordPress CMS.

You can also achieve the said routine with HTACCESS file, if you are working inside Apache Web Server configuration files. This file is normally hidden in cPanel File Manager.

In such files, a chunk of code is placed inside the file. When done correctly, the Web Server automatically changes HTTP to HTTPs.

Reason 2

Sometimes, the web hosting companies automatically configure Redirects for sites. In this case, the redirection from HTTP to HTTPs is quite expect-able.

But, even if a redirect is not configured in place, a normal redirect from Web Administrator also enforce changing to HTTPs from HTTP.

Reason 3

If a website is already setup with an SSL certificate, you will be able to see changing HTTP to HTTPs.

Today’s web hosting companies automatically install SSL once a user is signed up for a Hosting plan.

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, means a standard to keep internet connections secured between connected devices.

Once SSL has been installed correctly, the redirection is also configured automatically.

Note: Sometimes, websites also support both versions of HTTP. This means, you can also browse such websites at HTTP and HTTPs.

Reason 4

If the website Headers include HSTS Tag, you will see an automatic change from HTTP to HTTPs.

Website Headers refer to HTTP Headers. These are additional chunk of information in response to a client request of a web page from a Server.

Note: If a site’s SSL certificate is expired, the browser will show a warning message if you browser to the site. You can still proceed to view such sites with HTTP.


HTTP changes automatically to HTTPs because it is configured in this way.

To be simple, modern Web Hosting companies automatically configure SSL and Redirect settings. This means, visitors are automatically redirected from HTTP to HTTPs.

Also, if a web administrator has configured a manual redirect through wp-config.php or HTACCESS, the users will be redirected from HTTP to HTTPs.

This is why visitors are automatically changed from one version of HTTP to another, HTTPs.

Logically, there are other reasons why Web Administrators would like to deploy HTTPs, such as Search Engine Optimisation, Security, and improved performance.

Note: If you wanted to let us know of your thoughts, don’t forget to join the conversation in the comments.

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