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Why are Coding Schemes necessary (Explanation)

Jan 8, 2022 | Low Code, Zero Code

Are you wondering, why are Coding Schemes necessary in Computers ?

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Coding Schemes in Computers. For those who don’t know about Coding Schemes, we will also define Things in simple words.

Here is an overview of what you will find in this write-up.

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Let’s proceed to address the above subjects in more details.

What are Coding Schemes ?

Coding Schemes refer to standards which computers use to convert and represent data in its language, such as Binary digits.

As computers can’t understand Human readable characters, such as Letters, Numbers, and Alphabets, computers need to convert such data into machine readable format.

To convert data into machine readable format, Coding Schemes are used in Information Technology world.

Without using a Coding Scheme, computers would not be able to store or process information.

Why are Coding Schemes necessary ?

Coding Schemes are necessary for a variety of purposes.

Coding Schemes are necessary to perform the Encoding process, involving the conversion of data from Human readable status to Machine understandable format, such as Binary Language which consists of 0 and 1.

Without having a Coding Scheme to convert data, computers wouldn’t be able to store, process, or execute data.

Coding Schemes are also necessary for performance based on different computers.

For example, high level performance computers such as Mainframes use a different coding scheme than what Microcomputers use, such as EBCDIC, which stands for Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

So, we can say That a Coding Scheme is applied with respect to the performance size and capacity of a Computer system.

What coding scheme do most Microcomputers use ?

In personal Microcomputers, the most commonly used Coding Scheme is ASCII, which stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Moreover, if we enlighten the subject from Encoding aspect, we can say That the process must use a Coding Scheme to perform the data conversion process.

In simple words, performing the Encoding process without a Coding Scheme seems impossible, and That shows how Coding Schemes are extremely important.

Coding Scheme is used to assign groups of Bits to Human readable characters. So that, the processing of data inside a computer’s unit is possible in Binary language.

Coding Schemes are also helpful when it comes to storing large amount of data inside computers’ memory.

For example, computers are only able to store information after having converted the data into Binary language.

Coding Schemes make high level programming easy when it comes to coding for accessing computers’ memory locations.

In this case, with the help of coding, programmers need and can access to read memory locations That are represented by Machine addresses.

Over to You

Let’s summarize and conclude That why are Coding Schemes necessary ?

Coding Schemes are extremely helpful when it comes to storing, accessing, and processing data with a Computer.

As coding Schemes make Things understandable to a computer system, by converting Human readable data into Machine readable format, computers’ wouldn’t be able to process information without a Coding Scheme in place.

In simple words, it is the Coding Scheme That builds up a bridge between Humans and Computers’ Processors. The entire story consists of data collection and processing without any language barrier.

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