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Where should DHCP Servers be located

Mar 14, 2022 | Editor Picks, Low Code, SAP

Did you want to setup a DHCP Server ?

In this case, you are most likely concerned about DHCP Server’s location.

While setting up a Server requires Technical assistance, location does matter DHCP Server’s performance in certain cases.

For those who don’t know about Servers, we are covering additional sub-Topics for improved understanding.

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What is meant by a Server ?

A Server represents a powerful computer on the Network, used to serve resources to the Clients.

In this case, Resources represent services like File Transfer, serving Web Pages, or providing File Conversion facilities. In the same manner, a Network in a combination of Inter-Connected devices.

Similarly, clients refer to the users’ systems That make requests to the Server.

Note: This model is called Client-Server model in networking. This means, clients make requests to a powerful computer called a Server.

The Server is accessible across Internet and is available to Clients 24 Hours. However, a Server can only provide resources according to its Type and Functions.

This means, an FTP Server may not be able to provide Web Pages. That’s something an HTTP Server can do for users.

What is a DHCP Server ?

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol used in networking management. This is used to assign Internet Protocols address in an automated manner.

DHCP is also used for other reasons, such as facilitation of other devices on the same network.

In this case, the Client-Server Model discussed above is mandatory for a DHCP Server to work.

Now, here is an introduction to DHCP Server.

A DHCP Server represents a Network server. A DHCP Server is used to assign IP addresses automatically to devices.

In this case, a device That makes a connection with the Server is automatically assigned an IP address.

This is what the functionality of a DHCP Server.

A DHCP Server is also responsible to assign Default Gateways and other network factors to the devices.

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Where should DHCP Servers be located ?

A DHCP Server should be placed within the same network, so it will confidently serve Clients’ requests.

In a broader sense, the location of DHCP Server doesn’t matter if setup correctly in place.

This means, if a DHCP Server is placed and maintained to work efficiently, it is better.

However, the location of a DHCP Server does matter in some cases, such as making wired connection with a DHCP Server may seem hard for a far away location.

But there is another aspect of Location of a DHCP Server.

Let’s describe in more details.

If you run a network based on Routers, you will need to place your DHCP Server on a subnet on a Local Area Network (LAN).

In simple words, a DHCP Server should be placed on the Home Router or Hub Router in normal Home networks. It means, a DHCP Server should be placed always at a centralised spot.

A Hub represents the spot accessible from clients who request to the DHCP Server.

This is the Technical side of where should a DHCP Server be located.

Let’s describe the physical location of a DHCP Server.

If you are running a DHCP Server That is supporting many data centres, you will need to place a DHCP Server at place where requests come together.

This also makes sense when devices from outside access a DHCP Server.

If for example, if you are running several systems with a DHCP Server (Locally), then you can build a Local DHCP Server for the game.

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Final Thoughts

You are most likely concerned about DHCP Server’s location if you are running a Data Centre.

Also, if you are going to build a network or a DHCP Server for assigning IP address in an automated manner, you will need to learn about DHCP Server’s location.

There are many aspects of this subject.

One belong to the Technical side of DHCP Server’s location while other belongs to its physical location. No matter what you have planned, you will need to keep Things in order.

This means, you have to choose a carefully crafted location for DHCP Server, so it is accessible seamlessly from Clients’ devices.

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