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Where SAP ABAP is used (Beginner’s Guide)

Mar 17, 2022 | Salesforce, SAP

SAP ABAP is the primary language of SAP applications’ development.

It is developed by SAP, an Enterprise Software solution company That serves National and International clients.

If you are interested in SAP ABAP use cases, you have come to the right place.

Today, you will learn in this resource – Where SAP ABAP is used ?

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Let’s proceed to describe the matters in more details.

What is SAP ?

SAP is an Enterprise Software solution company.

It means, SAP develops software solutions for Corporations, small, and Big companies.

Their solutions include serving Customer Relationships, Financials, and Technical aspects of the business processes.

The full form of SAP is Systems, Applications, and Products. Its name suggests, how SAP works for corporate based environments.

What is SAP ABAP ?

SAP ABAP is the mandatory programming language for SAP Application Developers.

With SAP ABAP, you can develop SAP specific applications, containing SAP specific code structures in SAP ABAP.

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Like normal High Level Programming Languages, SAP ABAP also includes Data Types, Functions, and Data Structure to code SAP Applications.

Please note, you may need to use the SAP platform to use SAP ABAP. Also, its algorithms require how SAP platform works.

However, you can also use SAP ABAP with little knowledge of Coding and Programming. But, if you are interested in becoming a SAP ABAP developer, the coding expertise is a must factor.

Where SAP ABAP is used ?

In simple words, SAP ABAP is used in the SAP platform. In the same manner, if you need to understand SAP ABAP applications, ABAP is used when it comes to creating SAP applications.

If you are a SAP Developer, you would most likely aware of SAP ABAP developmental routines.

SAP ABAP is also used by SAP customers. In this case, customers of SAP can improve their SAP applications with SAP ABAP programming.

According to a resource, SAP ABAP is used by Top companies in the world. Here is a list of businesses That use SAP ABAP.

  • Lorven Technologies
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Data Incorporation
  • Confidential Records Incorporation

Also, SAP ABAP is used where there is a need to do Object Oriented Programming in SAP.

SAP ABAP is used where custom changes are required to make in SAP modules. Although SAP Modules are configured without coding, ABAP does have a positive impact in the Trade.

You can also count SAP ABAP in the following domains, while you are programming in SAP ABAP.

  • Interface
  • Data Conversion
  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Module Pool Programming (MPP)

SAP’s current platform for Development, which is called Net Weaver, also supports ABAP. It also supports Java programming language.

In simple words, ABAP is the language That makes developing custom Business application possible. Hence, it is native to SAP, you will need to understand how SAP works in background.

For more information on how SAP ABAP is used in real world, refer to This Tutorial.

This Tutorial has nice examples of how programming with SAP ABAP is handled in real world scenarios.

SAP ABAP is also used if you are striving to become a SAP ABAP consultant. In this case, you will need to understand how Technical consultation works in SAP ABAP.

In addition to above, knowledge of SAP Modules is a plus if you are thinking about SAP ABAP, such as FICO, FICA, and MM.

You may also need to get into Debugging and Testing if you are striving for SAP ABAP consultation. This is a plus if you need to go Full Stack SAP ABAP developer.


So, where is SAP ABAP used ?

SAP ABAP is used in the SAP environments in most cases.

Because, SAP ABAP is developed by SAP to facilitate its application development.

There are also other ERP based programming languages like FIORI, used to handle other ERP systems.

Regarding ABAP, where custom application development is necessary, you will need to consider SAP ABAP.

You may also need to learn how Integrations with 3rd party applications work, if you are striving for SAP ABAP development.

This is helpful in case you are developing custom applications with 3rd party applications.

Last but not least, you can join us for your thoughts by commenting.

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