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This is How Retail Agents can create custom Applications with Salesforce Web Applications

Apr 19, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

Custom Applications refer to creating Applications that work on the Web (Internet). In this case, an Applications provides various features to a specific audience, such as Seat Reservation facility, Loan payment portals, or Educational Knowledge Base directories.

When it comes to custom Web Applications with Salesforce, companies can also integrate data from Salesforce. This is done for improved performance with data from Salesforce system, such as generation of Documents with Salesforce Dynamic Data from Surveys or Forms.

In this resource today, we are going to explore how Salesforce Web Applications work for small and large businesses. In this case, please note, as the Headline addresses Salesforce Web Applications for Retail Agents, you can reflect the strategy in this article for any niche or industry possible. The only difference is the Case Case(s) according to companies’ specifics.

Readers should also expect relevant additional information in this article. For example, if you are dealing with Salesforce Custom Web Applications, you will also need to address Salesforce Integration in this case.

Introduction to Custom Applications

Custom Applications are built for specific, custom audience or purposes. Having That clarified, Salesforce Custom Applications refer to portals, communities, or we applications That serve audience with Salesforce data, features, or facilities provided for corporate Businesses.

You can build Salesforce Custom Applications for any niche or industry possible. For example, take Health care industry, you can build Patient Record Portals, Appointment Scheduling, or a Hospital Landing Page with Salesforce Custom Applications.

To get started, choose and install a No Code Web Based Platform for Salesforce Custom Applications. In this case, a No Code Application provides a Zero Day Interface to create Salesforce Custom Application, without using any Coding skills.

What are Salesforce Web Applications ?

As its name suggests, Salesforce Web Applications work with Salesforce system and its data. For example, once you have a custom application designed, say a Salesforce Form, you can proceed to integrate the application with the Salesforce system.

Once done, the custom application can send or receive data to/from a Salesforce Org/System. In this case, along with using a No Code application, you can quickly create applications That work closely with Salesforce infrastructure and data. This is what refers to a Salesforce Web Application and this is how we can build and run Salesforce Web Applications with No Code platforms.

To get started, the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory is full of No Code applications for various purposes. In this case, you can also sign up for a premium Tool for a small fee, providing an extended list of features as compared to a Free application.

How to create Custom Applications with Salesforce Web Applications ?

So, How Retail Agents can create custom Applications with Salesforce Web Applications ?

In below lines, you will be learning how one can create a custom Web based application with Salesforce. We will go through the process from a general point of view. It means, you can reflect the process for any niche possible. The only difference is the Salesforce Form Fields or Surveys you create for specific industries or audience.

Let’s get started.

Step (1) – First of all, you will need to plan out things for the next steps. Such as, you will need to decide the nature and purpose of a custom Application, prior to getting started with the design phase. In this phase, you should have decided the nature, purpose, data transmission, and implementation routines of your future application.

Step (2) – Choose a No Code application that helps you create a Salesforce Custom Web Application with drag and drop User Interface, no Code interface. By using such applications, such as Titan DXP, you can easily create a custom Application with point and click options, without using or requiring any Coding skills in this case.

Step (3) – Next, as planned earlier, you will need to create your custom application in this phase. This phase may seem Technical, but is easy with No Code applications. In this case, if you are creating a Patient Seat Reservation portal, you will need to create a Patient Landing page That includes a contact form. In the same manner, create various Pages as required for the nature of your custom Application.

Step (4) – Once you have designed various pages, you can proceed to performing Salesforce Integration. In this case, you can connect your custom application with the Salesforce System, helping you transmit or receive data to/from a Salesforce account. In this case, no Code applications also help you perform Salesforce Integration without any Coding skills requirements.

Step (5) – Once yo have performed the Salesforce Integration, you can proceed to the Testing and Deployment phase of your journey. In this case, you can Test your custom application prior to deploying it on corporate basis.

Note: The custom Web Application we built will work according to the functionality you have put together in the application. For example, if you have managed to create a Custom Application with a Salesforce Form or Survey, an automated Document Generation can also be done at the end of Form submission. Similarly, you can also initiate Document verification with automated routines with Salesforce Process Builder, Flow, and Apex.

Needless to say, it depends on you, your company’s requirements, and Salesforce routines to create and implement a custom application according to your company’s requirements. For more information, watch the below video.


This is how Retail Businesses can create Custom Applications with Salesforce Web Applications. In this case, Salesforce Web Applications can also be referred to No Code platforms used to create Salesforce Custom Applications.

Keep in mind, as its name suggests, custom Applications that work with Salesforce Integration and data from Salesforce are referred to Salesforce Web Applications. In this case, the name may appear in various concepts (Technically), however a custom Application That work with Salesforce is specific to a specific purpose and works for a specific company in most cases, hence called a Custom application.

For more information on Custom Salesforce Web Applications, don’t forget to ask for a Free demo version of the platform That helps you quickly create Salesforce Custom applications in minutes. You can also join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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