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Salesforce Web Applications: How should Media and Internet Communities benefit from Online Salesforce Communities

Apr 21, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Zero Code

Web Applications help companies build online Businesses. In this regard, Salesforce Web Applications are somehow different from normal ones.

As compared to standard Web Applications, Salesforce Web Applications integrate data from the Salesforce system, as its name suggests. On the other hand, normal Web Applications can also integrate data from other applications, however the Salesforce Web Applications are specific to Salesforce.

In this article, we are going to explore the Salesforce Web Applications. We will try to describe – how should Media and Internet communities benefit from Online Salesforce Communities.

Readers should also expect additional information about Salesforce, such as Introduction, Use Cases, and How-To guide for the subject matter.

So, let’s start without getting later further.

Introduction to Salesforce Web Applications

In simple words, the name suggests diving deep into Three key concepts. For example, an Application, if works on Salesforce data or Integration, refers to a Salesforce application. Similarly, as its name suggests, a Web Application works on the Internet, requiring a User Interface That works with modern Web Browsers.

In the same manner, if a piece of software is maintained to solve a specific problem, it would call an Application. Having That clarified, a Salesforce Web Application refers to a custom application That utilizes Salesforce Data to serve web users, such as a company’s audience base on the Internet.

This is how a Salesforce Web Application works in real Time.

An example of a Salesforce Web Application would be an Application That helps users upload a DOCx file to convert into other formats, such as PDF or PNG. In this case, the Form That helps users upload a File may also require data from users.

Having That clarified, the Data can be sent and processed with a Salesforce account, later proceeded to create a process to automate the Document Generation process.

Online Salesforce Communities for Media and Internet Communities

Let’s address how can Online Internet and Media communities make use of Salesforce Web Applications.

Before we dive into more details, here are the Two main examples of Salesforce Web Applications for Online Media and Internet communities.

  1. File conversion software that helps Internet users upload and convert files on the go.
  2. Governmental records updating system That helps Media publications and users update their records and upload verification documents.

There are so many examples out there. If a system provides some kind of service or Product as a Service (PaaS) or Service as a Service (SaaS), you can count on the system as a Salesforce Web Application if the application utilizes Salesforce’s data and Integration.

Here is a list of Use Cases of Salesforce Web Applications for Media and Internet communities.

So, how should Media and Internet communities use Online Salesforce Communities. Here is a list of possible reasons you should consider.

1. Internal and External Communities

With Salesforce, you can build communities for Internal and External users of a company. In this case, once the Web Application has been made live, users can share information, upload documents, and contact seamlessly on the platform.

Possibilities are Unlimited. Users can use an Online Salesforce Communities for discussions and Chats also. It also depends on what features a company aims at putting in a Salesforce Online Community.

2. Custom Portals

If you manage a large number of custom or premium audience, you can make a custom portal for Salesforce system That helps users experience your system in a better way. For example, most of the companies create custom Salesforce Portals to facilitate their audience.

In this case, Online Custom Portals efficiently help Internet and Media users manage their relation with a company. in this case, No Code platforms help you build Online Custom Portals, as well as perform Salesforce Integration without involving any Coding expertise.

3. Document Verification Systems

Salesforce Online Communities also help users upload and verify their documents. In this case, Online Communities are verified with point and click User Interfaces.

In this case, Media and Internet communities of any Niche can use Salesforce based Online Community to upload and verify their identities. Having That clarified, you can see Governmental or Internet based Businesses doing the same in most cases, such as Payoneer is providing online document verification system for its users. In this case, an application may not necessarily use the Salesforce system. However, an application with the same genre and Salesforce Integration probably is called a Salesforce Online Portal for Media and Internet communities.

4. No Coding expertise

Media and Internet communities can use Online Salesforce communities without having Coding expertise. In this case, users don’t need to use their Coding skills, if any, to complete complex routines, which otherwise requires Coding skills.

An example of such Communities Portals based on Salesforce could be Online Editors and Surveys. In this case, a Salesforce Form gathers data from a user, and provides customize interfaces to enter their complex data. This is an example of how Salesforce Online Communities help readers do Things without coding expertise, such as File Conversion Tools as well.

What’s next ?

So, how to get started to create Salesforce Web Applications for Media and Internet communities ?

You will need to choose and use No Code platforms for the said purpose. In this case, No Code platforms help you quickly create Salesforce applications with a drag and drop User Interface, such as Forms. No Code applications also help you perform Integration with Salesforce without any coding involved.

In this regard, use FormTitan or Titan DXP to create Salesforce Applications for Media and Internet users, without any Coding skills required.

Note: A Salesforce Online Community or Application highly depends on how a company puts features for Media and Internet users. Depending on such factors, each application weighs a different importance and features list for a Media and Internet based community.


Depending on a Salesforce community, Media and Internet users can taste various Types of features, such as Online Contact system, Document verification system, and Document conversion portals.

As described earlier, a Salesforce Web Application makes sure the use of Salesforce data across users’ assets. Not only data access, but also users can use a custom portal for 3rd party Integrations, such as Integration with Email Marketing Tools.

You can also obtain more information by discussion the subject in the comments below. Proceed and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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