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5 Reasons High Techs should use Salesforce Web Applications to generate Leads in a Smart Way

Apr 25, 2022 | Integration, Latest Grid Posts

If you are striving to build an Online Business, you would most likely want to capture Leads, relevant Leads in an automated manner. For example, you can capture visitors’ emails of people who visit your website.

In this case, not only individuals, but also High Tech companies need to capture high value Leads. In this case, one of the most widely used Tools to capture Leads is Salesforce Web applications, helping you gain more exposure and expand your Business with Salesforce.

Having That clarified, let’s describe how Salesforce Web Applications are used to generate Leads for a High Tech company. In simple words, more Leads, more Revenue.

You will also cover additional Factors in this article, including Salesforce, No Code platforms, and Use Cases of Salesforce Web Applications.

Introduction to High Tech companies

High Tech companies refer to company using Technological Advancements to target a large audience. For example, Software companies like Microsoft Corporation targets audience by creating real world Applications.

Similarly, Facebook targets audience by Social Media features and helps people get connected with entertainment. In other words, High Tech companies refer to COMPANIES, targeting investors, real businesses, and corporate sectors with Technological advancements.

Examples of High Tech companies include Apple, Microsoft corporation, Google, Adobe, and Salesforce. Depending on much They make per Year, you can see such companies outranking each other, in terms of value, characteristics, and stock value.

Introduction to Salesforce Web Applications

Salesforce Web Applications work with data integration from Salesforce account. In simple words, a normal Web Application is categorised as a Salesforce Web Application if it reads or writes data from/to a Salesforce system.

In this case, you can even call a simple Salesforce Form a Salesforce Web Application. Such Forms help users enter data, fetch data from Salesforce objects, and show in real Time to various users on the Form.

An example of Salesforce High class Web Applications would be a Tool that  helps you upload and convert files into various formats. For example, you can also count on a Tool that takes data on a Form and creates a Resume in PDF format.

In order to create Salesforce Web Applications, you will need to use No Code applications. Such applications or platforms provide a No Code interface to create Salesforce Web Applications, such as Ticket Reservation systems, Forums for Online Communities, or a Static Website for informational purposes only.

High Tech companies: Generate Leads with Salesforce Web Applications

With No Code applications, you can create Landing Pages that help companies capture visitors’ emails on website. This helps companies expand their reach to potential customers, and increase Revenue.

To get started with Salesforce Web Applications, you need to have Three factors in hand. You need to have installed a Salesforce Web Application, No Code platform to create a Web Application. In the same manner, you should also have a Salesforce account, along with Salesforce Integration being implemented.

In the coming lines, you will see how Tech companies can capture Leads with Salesforce Web Applications.

How to get started with Salesforce Web Applications ?

In order to get started with Salesforce Web Applications, you will probably need to use No Code platforms for the purpose. In this case, you can find a variety of Tools on the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory.

Having That clarified, you will need to choose a Tool based on your requirements. Make sure, you choose a Tool that provides a No Code interface, along with a feature to perform Salesforce Integration with a drag and drop User Interface.

Example of No Code applications include ones you see on the AppExchange Directory. You can also find one on 3rd party platforms, such as FormTitan and Titan DXP for no Code Salesforce experiences.

Steps involved – How to get started with Salesforce Web Applications to generate Leads for High Tech companies ?

Part (1) – 5 Reasons to get started with Salesforce Web Applications

Reason (1) – Salesforce Web Applications support No Code applications, helping Beginners quickly create custom applications for Lead Generation, in minutes without coding expertise.

Reason (2) – Salesforce Web Applications are easily integrate-able with other applications, such as Email Marketing Tools to increase customers’ reach out.

Reason (3) – Salesforce web Applications are Bi-Directional in nature. Means, you can read data from a Salesforce account, as well as write data to a Salesforce Object.

Reason (4) – Salesforce Web Applications are secured as compared to normal web applications. In this case, No Code applications help you build custom apps with security options implemented.

Reason (5) – Salesforce Web Applications are usable with access control and multiple users. In this case, take eSigning documents for example. You can literally send and eSign a digital Document at the same Time, multiple Signers in action.

Part (2) – How to get started with Salesforce Web Applications to generate Leads ?

To get started, sign up and setup a No Code application That helps you create a Salesforce Web Application. In this case, the features list highly depends on the Tool you are using as a No Code application for Salesforce Integration.

Next, look for an option That says Landing Pages or similar one. This options helps companies create pages That capture visitors’ email addresses.

Once captured, you can also redirect a user to a different resource. This is how you can create multiple pages to capture Leads and generate Sales. In this case, the more you send Traffic to a Landing Page, the more you can capture and generate Leads.

A Landing Page is also used to market a promotional offer or product. In order to make Leads generation more quicker, you can also offer a Freebie in exchange for the readers’ email addresses. This help them convince and enter their email addresses on your Landing Pages.

Once done, you can send promotional but relevant emails to the captured Leads. This process, if repeated in a relevant manner, can help companies increase revenue by generating targeted Leads with Salesforce Web Applications, such as Landing Pages.


As its name suggests, Salesforce Web Applications provide a way for users to interact applications on the Internet. In this case, you can capture Leads in an automated manner. The beauty of Salesforce Web Applications is custom portals.

In this case, you can use Salesforce Web Applications to help you perform Integration with 3rd party Tools used for Lead Capturing, such as Email Marketing Tools and Popup Generators.

Once completed, you will be able to capture Business Leads of users who visit your Blog or Website. Later, you can run marketing emails in an automated manner.

For more information on Salesforce Integration, No Code applications, and Salesforce Web Applications, don’t forget to check out This Resource.

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