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Salesforce Surveys for Financial Services: Here is How to aim for improved Performance

Apr 25, 2022 | Integration, Latest Grid Posts

Salesforce Surveys are used to gather Customers’ Feedback. In simple words, Salesforce Surveys are data collection Forms used to gather what customers of a product think about companies’ services.

When it comes to the Salesforce Surveys, we need to use No Code applications in relation to Salesforce. In this case, No Code applications help us create Survey Forms without coding.

On the other hand, you can also use Salesforce native apps or Features to create Surveys. For more information on how to get started with Salesforce Surveys, you can choose an application from ones available on the Salesforce AppExchange Directory.

In this article, you will learn how Salesforce Surveys work for Financial services and how to get started with Salesforce Surveys.

What are Financial Services ?

Financial Services refer to products and services, offered by Finance industry or an individual, for companies That manage money, banking sector, or investments opportunities. In simple words, Financial Services fall under services related to Financial Terms.

Examples of Financial Services include Banking routines, Investment modes, Loans, or Investment opportunities. If you are paying utility bills with a Banking application online, you are using the Bank’s Financial Services on the go.

When it comes to using Salesforce in Finance industry, Salesforce’s products make sense while managing Financial routines. For example, if you need to create customers’ reports for online Investment opportunities, you will need to use Salesforce features for the purpose, such as Document Generation and eSigning routines.

Introduction to Salesforce and Salesforce Surveys

In simple words, Salesforce is a Toolbox used by small and big companies, helping companies overcome Customers’ related hurdles in a more simpler manner. Basically, Salesforce products help companies achieve customer success.

For example, automated Invoice generation and verification becomes quickly possible with Salesforce features. In the same manner, Salesforce helps companies conduct Surveys for Feedback collection on the go.

In the coming lines, we are going to address Salesforce implementations for Financial Services. In this case, the Topic will cover the subject in a more general manner. Once you have covered the Technical routines, you will be able to use the structure for any industry possible.

In the journey, you will also know how No Code applications work with Salesforce system. This covers the Trade in a more simpler manner, without requiring how to code for Beginners.

Get started with Salesforce Surveys for Financial Services

Like other industries, Financial Services can also use Salesforce Surveys for improved Feedback collection. The entire game starts from using the Salesforce Native features or Apps to create Survey Forms. In this manner, you can also use 3rd party platforms to create seamless Surveys without using Coding expertise.

For example, you can find No Code Survey Applications (Native to Salesforce) on the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory. Native applications, as compared to other apps, don’t require a separate Integration with the Salesforce system. On the other hand, you can also use a 3rd party Application for the said purpose, such as FormTitan or Titan DXP to create Salesforce Surveys with no coding expertise.

Let’s proceed how can you get started with Salesforce Surveys. You will also learn how can you increase productivity with seamless Surveys on the go.

Possibilities are Unlimited. The combination os No Code platforms with Salesforce will help Financial Industry how they can improve their routines with real world Feedback collection scenarios.

Step (1) – Log into a No Code platform for Salesforce Survey

In the first step, we are going to start from using a No Code application to create a Survey. In this case, it depends on your choice to use your desired Tool for the said purpose. Once you have logged into the Tool, you will see various options to create a new Survey Form.

Choose one and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. In this case, you can create a Survey Form from scratch, manually or use the Wizard option. You can also use a Template if your Tool supports the said option.

Step (2) – Populate your Survey Form

Now, you will need to put content elements on the Survey Canvas. Make sure you have inserted and arranged Input Fields for information you want to collect from users.

On the canvas, you can insert various kind of functions, such as content Snippets or Slides. Once completed, you can proceed to the next step.

Step (3) – Publish the Survey Form

Once you have inserted and made necessary changes in the Canvas snippets, you can safely publish the Survey Form. The process of publishing will make the Survey go live. In this case, you will be able to get users’ responses once the Survey goes live.

Step (4) – Share the Survey

The No Code platform you used to create a Survey Form should also provide sharing options to distribute the Survey. In this case, you will be reaching out more audience with easy to use sharing options.

For example, you can use the Email option to send the Survey in email. Similarly, you have the option to share the Survey with a simple Link. The number of sharing options depends on the Tool you are using to create a new Survey Form.

Step (5) – Test, Improve, and see Survey’s Analytics

Finally, you are able to see and improve your Survey’s responses. You can do such routines in the No Code interface or within the Salesforce system.

Here, a Dashboard of options will help you how your Survey is performing in Real world. You can then improve how your Survey should perform for the users.

Once you have created a Survey for Financial Industry, you will be able to see how it works. And, you will also be able to improve your Survey performance in no Time, once it starts collecting users’ responses. For more information on how Salesforce Surveys help companies in Feedback collection, visit This awesome Tutorial.

Video Tutorial


That’s it. Financial Services can use Salesforce Surveys for a variety of purposes. If using a No Code platform, you can consult the official Knowledge Base for the Tool that helps you how to maximise a Tool’s performance.

Once you have gone through creating and analyzing Salesforce Surveys as Financial Industry, you will be able to see how it works. In this case, you can also run A/B Tests on Templates, and see which one works best for your Industry.

For more information, you can join the conversation in the comments and let us know your precious thoughts on Salesforce Surveys for Financial Services.

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