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Salesforce Surveys for Construction Services: Here is How to aim for more Revenue on ROI

May 20, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Low Code, No Code

To make informed decisions, you will need to conduct Feedback collection with Surveys. In this regard, Salesforce plays a vital role for creating and managing Salesforce Surveys.

In this article, we are going to take Salesforce Surveys into consideration. More specifically, we are going to describe how Salesforce Surveys improve the performance in Construction companies.

Along with Surveys, you will also learn how No Code applications work for Surveys with Salesforce Integration. In this case, no Code platforms refer to 3rd party applications used to extend Salesforce functionality with Integration.

So, let’s proceed to address more details without further delay.

Introduction to Salesforce Surveys

Among other essentials for a business, it is also important to take periodical Surveys. Surveys help companies find what an audience thinks about a company’s products and services.

In this scenario, we should also focus on using Salesforce for Surveys. Salesforce Surveys makes it possible for a company to take Surveys with so many features involved, such as data from Salesforce, custom Templates, and No Code applications.

To get started, you will need to choose and install a No Code application for Salesforce Surveys. Not only No Code applications help companies perform Surveys, but also companies can use their No Code drag and drop User Interface to do Things, along with performing Salesforce Integration on the go.

What are Construction Services ?

When it comes to building infrastructures and building, real estate, and properties, you can refer the business as a Construction Service. In this case, the Use Case of Salesforce is also undeniable for improved performance.

Like other businesses, Construction Services can also use Surveys to interview business partners, clients, and prospects (individuals) for mutual partnerships and deals.

An example of a Construction Service is Housing Schemes, helping people have their houses for a small monthly fee or total cost in instalments.

Salesforce Surveys for Construction Services: How to aim for increased Revenue on Return ?

Construction Services can use Salesforce Surveys for various purposes, including interviewing prospects, creating custom Quotes, Agreements, and B2B Proposals with Salesforce Forms, and managing clients with seamless data collection.

Below, we are going to address ways to improve Return on Investment for Construction Services, when it comes to using the Salesforce Surveys.

(1) – Surveys with Donation Forms and Input Fields

You can literally create Salesforce Surveys with Donation input Fields. This means, users who fill out a Survey Form can also donation small amounts. This help you increase revenue on Investment, when it comes to using Salesforce Surveys for improved returns.

On the other hand, you can also make use of 3rd party application while aiming at collecting donations. In this case, if Salesforce or the 3rd party No Code application also supports integration with 3rd party apps That help you collect donations, you can even create more streamlined workflow(s).

(2) – Payment Gateways Integration

You can also set Payment Gateways Integration for your Surveys. In this case, users can fill out a Survey Form, as well as proceed to pay some amount on your Survey Form. Here, the Salesforce system or No Code application helps you adjust things accordingly.

Payment Gateways help you receive payments from your audience. By using Payment Gateways integration with Salesforce Surveys, you can accomplish Two aspects at the same Time, collecting payments, as well as taking Surveys and people’s opinions.

(3) – Automated Email Marketing for Return on Investments

While following up an audience through Emails, you can setup Surveys in a way That helps you increase Return on Investments. For example, Salesforce Surveys, along with automated Email Marketing tools, help you reconnect prospects to increase revenue.

In this case, once a Survey conducted for following up purposes can result in taking clients on board. This significantly increases Business growth and helps you increase revenue in no Time at all.

(4) – Partnerships Templates (Pre-Made Templates for Surveys)

No Code applications for Salesforce Surveys, when integrated with the Salesforce System, can also provide pre-made Templates for various purposes. In this case, you can also find Templates That specifically help you increase revenue on Investments.

For example, Donation based Survey Templates are made to increase donation collection. In this case, you can also use Conditional Logic if someone misses out the donation Field.

(5) – Custom Products, Services, and Packages

Salesforce Surveys, when taken successfully, can represent how your business is operating. For example, you can let an audience show their feeling, suggestions, or concerns about an existing or a Future product. After you have analysed people’s responses, you can make informed decisions about future products and services.

Similarly, once you build a custom product for an audience, you will be able to increase revenue on Investment much faster as compared to manual routines. This is how you can use Salesforce Surveys for increased revenue (Investments).

How to get started with Salesforce Surveys ? (Tools required)

In most cases, you can install an ideal tool for Surveys on the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory. You can also install a 3rd party Tool, premium one, for a small fee for extended features.

No Code applications increase the performance of Salesforce features with drag and drop User Interfaces. Such Tools help beginners perform complex algorithms with ease, without using any Coding expertise at all.

Examples of No Code applications for Salesforce are Titan DXP and FormTitan. Such Tools also help you perform integration with Salesforce, and their names suggest, the process of integration goes normal, without using any Coding expertise at all.

Video Tutorial

Watch the below video for a basic walk-through and introduction of a No Code platform for Salesforce Surveys.


That’s how you can implement Salesforce Surveys to increase Return on Investment in a Construction Services company.

Possibilities are Unlimited for various Use Cases regarding Salesforce Surveys. Literally, you can create or use a pre-made Survey Template for any purpose possible, such as Donations, Applications, or normal Surveys.

Once you have chosen and installed a Zero Code application for Salesforce Surveys, you can proceed to create Surveys from scratch. If you have already designed the Templates, you don’t need to go through manual routines. Start by selecting pre-made Templates, edit the content snippets, and you are good to go for the next step.

Last but not least, you can also let us know your thoughts on Salesforce Surveys. Please join the conversation in the comments.

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