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Can Retail Services get clients with Salesforce Forms ? Here is the Truth

Apr 19, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Low Code

Salesforce Forms provide a seamless way to collecting Users’ Feedback with Online Forms. In this case, simple Online Forms are different from Salesforce Forms, though the purpose of both Forms is same.

Having That clarified, a Salesforce Form, as compared to a normal Online Form, helps you collect and send data to a Salesforce account. You can also collect Documents on a Salesforce Form and send it to a Salesforce Object as an attachment.

In this article today, we are going to learn how Salesforce Forms work. You can reflect the strategy defined in this article for any Niche possible. In this case, you will need to put relevant Form Fields according to your Niche.

What are Retail Services ?

In a Retail Business, consumer products or services are sold, offered, or provided to consumers. In this case, there is a difference between Business and Consumer point of view. In a Business relation, products or services are sold on a large basis, whereas a Retail structure provides products/services to individual consumers, on a small basis.

When it comes to using Salesforce for Retail Services, you can build acquisition Forms with automated structures. For example, if you are managing a Retail Business for Health Care industry, you can create Patient Intake Forms to gather customers’ information prior to appointments.

To get started, you will need to use a No Code application for the said purpose. In this case, install one from the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory or go for a 3rd party Premium Tool.

Introduction to Salesforce Forms ?

Salesforce Forms are used to collect users’ responses, such as Feedback and documents. Having That clarified, you can create and deploy Salesforce Forms to work with Salesforce Data.

In this case, as compared to a normal Form, a Salesforce Form is used to gather customers’ Feedback using Form Fields, Conditional Logic, and data from Salesforce account. In this case, you can pre-populate Form Fields using Salesforce GET and send data to the Salesforce using a PUT statement, helping you manage customers’ data with Salesforce infrastructure.

There are many Use Cases for Salesforce Forms. You can literally create and deploy Salesforce Forms for any purpose possible, such as Patient Appointments, simple Data collection, Documents receiving, and Payment collection on Forms as well.

Can Retail Services get Clients with Salesforce Forms ?

Short Answer

Yes. Retail Services can get Clients with Salesforce Forms.

Long Answer

Of course, any business can use Salesforce Forms to get prospective Clients. In this case, here is a list of ways with brief description to get Clients with Salesforce Forms. You can reflect the below ways for any niche possible. To proceed, make sure to create a logical relationship between the Form Fields and target audience.

1. Salesforce Intake Forms

Intake Forms are used to gather clients’ information, prior to making a decision, such as Seat Reservation for Patients. In this case, you can create and make the Salesforce Intake Forms available to get prospective clients, especially those who can’t travel long enough to reserve an appointment in person.

2. Lead Generation Forms

For example, you are managing a Website or an Online resource with many visitors on a daily basis. In this case, according to the users’ taste and requirements, you can offer a Free Lead Magnet, informational PDF, or a resource in exchange for the visitors’ email addresses. This is how you can capture your site’s visitors’ contact information with Lead Generation Forms provided by Salesforce and a No Code platform. Later, after you have captured a visitors’ email address, you can send promotional but relevant emails with integration with Salesforce or a 3rd party Email Marketing platform. This, no doubt, helps you convert prospective clients into customers.

3. Salesforce Web Applications with Forms

In this case, you can build a custom Salesforce Web Application to attract relevant audience. Once done, you can capture their attention by providing custom apps, such as a Calculator. The use cases of a Free application helps you capture visitors’ attraction to a Salesforce Form. In this case, you can freely make the Beta Version of an Application available. If someone wants to sign up, they will have to enter their email address. This process is similar to providing a Free Lead Magnet to the users. The only difference is, users are more attracted to the Free Tools, as compared to informational PDFs.

4. Donation Forms with Salesforce

You can also create and implement Donation Forms with Salesforce. In this case, you can also use a No code application for the said purpose. Once completed, users or prospective clients can sign up for a premium feature by donating a very small amount, say a Dollar. In this case, unlike paying high amounts for valued products, users can avail such products easily with less amounts as donations. In this case, once you have a list of interested audience, you can provide a more robust Tool for their requirements. This is how Retail or any other business can get clients with Salesforce Forms.

5. Protected Content

A No Code interface can help you design Forms that provide access to protected materials. In this case, a Form can include data That is only provided after specific favours being completed. For example, a Form may include a Download Link to a premium File. In this case, a No Code platform can help you design a Form that only shows the Download Links after a user has filled in the Email Address Field. This is how you can attract prospective clients with Salesforce Forms, along with No Code Form Building applications, such as FormTitan and Titan DXP.

Final Thoughts

This is how Salesforce Forms help companies get CLIENTS. In this case, you can even automate the process of collecting users’ data. For this, you may need to use the Salesforce Apex, Process Builder, and Flow.

To get started, you should use a No Code application to build Salesforce Forms. Such platforms also help you use Form Templates, helping you quickly create Online Forms with point and click User Interface.

Above, we addresses many ways to get clients with Salesforce Forms. You can literally create Forms for any audience, by including relevant Fields for the users. If you also aim at receiving Documents on a Salesforce Forms, you can use Salesforce features to manage users’ Documents as well, such as Document Generation and eSigning.

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