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Can Financial Services Onboard Clients efficiently with Salesforce Forms ? Here is the Truth

Apr 29, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

As its name suggests, Salesforce Forms are used to gather Customers’ Data. In this case, take Patient Reservation and Appointments for example, the Intake Forms help companies collect Patients’ initial information for Appointments and Reservation purposes.

In this case, Online Intake Forms quickly help Hospitals collect patients data prior to reservations. This is one of the examples how Salesforce Forms help companies onboard clients.

In this article, you will learn how companies can use Salesforce Forms to get clients on board. This routine is commonly used to target prospects in a large number.

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Introduction to Financial Services

Financial Companies refer to services That provide Financial based services to a large audience. For example, if you are providing Banking assistance to the audience, you are providing Financial services.

In this case, when it comes to using Salesforce for Financial Services, you can also enforce customers’ interest with Salesforce automation.

Financial Services use Salesforce features to collect users Feedback, create automated digital Documents, or send emails for eSigning and verifying documents.

To get started, Financial Services choose a No Code application based on their requirements. Once setup correctly with Salesforce, Financial Services can proceed to create Salesforce Forms and Surveys or generate Salesforce Documents on the go.

What is Salesforce and Salesforce Integration ?


Salesforce is a powerful suite of Tools commonly used for improving Customers Relationships. For example, when it comes to generating automated Invoices, Salesforce helps you do the job with point and click configuration.

In the same manner, you can use Salesforce for a variety of functions depending on your Industry. For example, the main functions of Salesforce include Document eSigning, Forms, Web Applications, and Emails automation.

Salesforce Integration

To make a No Code application able to communicate with the Salesforce system, you will need to perform Salesforce Integration. It is the process of connecting a 3rd party application with the Salesforce, so That data transmission becomes possible between various applications.

To get started with Salesforce algorithms with a Zero Code application, you will need to perform Salesforce Integration first, prior to adjusting various routines in Salesforce.

Salesforce Forms for Financial Services

Can Financial Services Onboard Clients efficiently with Salesforce Forms ? Here is the Truth

Yes. Financial Services can onboard Clients with Salesforce Forms. Here is how to get started.

Step (1) – Create a Salesforce Form to get started. In this case, you will need to insert relevant Form Fields to target prospective clients. For example, in order to capture data of the prospective clients who wanted to try out your Tool, you can also insert a Field for Phone number. This will help you collect users’ contact information for later Follow-ups. And, this is how you will be able to convert prospective clients with Salesforce Forms.

In this case, get started with a No Code application That provides a No Code interface for designing a Form, as well as performing Integration with Salesforce.

Step (2) – In the first step, you should choose an option to start creating a new Form, such as Link, Wizard, or create one from scratch. In the second phase, you will be adding content elements in the Form. Please note, the interface will highly be different from Tool to Tool.

Step (3) – Next, you can apply Fields’ conditions on the Form. Similarly, perform Salesforce Integration for the Form if you haven’t already done so. In the same manner, perform Conditional Logic on Form Fields and Field Mapping as well, as required.

Step (4) – Follow the on screen instructions according to your Tool and finish the routine. Once you are ready, give a final name to the Form and proceed to Publish.

Step (5) – Once published the Form, you will be able to see the Form entries in Analytics. This shows how your Forms are performing when it comes to collecting users’ data.

This is how you can capture Financial Clients by designing Salesforce Forms specific to the Financial audience.

What’s next ?

Watch the below video for more information on how to use Salesforce No Code platforms to get started with Forms for Financial Services. In this case, you can create Financial Forms to target and capture Financial Leads.

Tools required

In most cases, you can get started with Salesforce Forms with the Salesforce Native interface or Native apps. You can also use 3rd party premium Tools for the said purpose.

Once you have chosen a Tool, you will need to perform the Integration process. In this case, No Code platforms provide a Zero Code interface to perform integration with Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration helps to connect multiple applications with Salesforce. In the case of Salesforce Forms, you will be connecting applications used for creating Salesforce Forms.

Once done, beginners can quickly create Salesforce Forms with No Code Interface(s), proceeding to performing the Salesforce Integration as well.

In this case, you can also use Pre-Made Templates to create new Forms. In this case, choose a Template, edit the options, and proceed to perform the Salesforce Integration right away.


Yes, Salesforce Forms help industries on board clients with efficient data collection with Salesforce Forms. In this case, you will create targeted Forms to capture information from prospective clients. This is how you can repeat the process and target more clients.

If you are new to Salesforce Forms, it is better to proceed with a No Code application. In this case, you can also create a Salesforce Form with a Salesforce Native application That doesn’t require a separate Integration.

In this case, if you are willing to pay a small Fee, you can also go for a Premium 3rd Party Tool for extended features. In this case, along with a No Code interface, a premium Tool will help you go through Templates as well. In this case, Form Templates help users quickly create stunning Forms in minutes.

For more information, join the conversation below to let us know your thoughts on Salesforce Forms for Financial Industry.

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