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Why should Retail Services revamp their Signatures with Salesforce eSigns

May 5, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

Have you wondered, why companies should use Salesforce eSignatures. Salesforce eSignatures or eSigns refer to signing and verifying digital Documents with Salesforce. In this process, automated Document generation and verification is possible with Salesforce and No Code applications.

In this article, Salesforce eSigns are under consideration. You will learn – how Retail Services or other companies can improve their Document Verification with Salesforce eSigns. Specifically, you will address why should Retail Services use eSigns to revamp their Signatures.

Readers should also expect additional measures in this resource, such as an introduction to Salesforce and eSigns, No Code applications used for eSigns, and Use Cases of eSigns for Retail Businesses.

So, let’s get started without further delay. If you want to jump straight to the point, please CLICK HERE.

Introduction to Retail Services

Retail Businesses or individuals make sure Consumer products reach consumers well enough. In this regard, the focus of revenue is a Consumer.

When it comes to using Salesforce in a Retail Business, one can quickly verify Documents, run Salesforce Surveys for Retail target audience, or automate certain aspects of the process using Salesforce Flow, Process Builder, and Apex.

To get started using Salesforce for Retail services, there is no best option than using No Code platforms. In this case, No Code platforms serve well for various purposes, such as Document creation and eSigning with Salesforce.

eSignatures with Salesforce

Salesforce eSignatures are used to verify digital Documents with Salesforce, such as DOCx, Excel, or PDF documents. In this case, a document is made available for eSigning for multiple signers in the process.

With Salesforce eSignatures, companies of all sizes can verify users, automate document processes, and manage Document testing as well. Once a user or signer receives an email notification, a Link can be clicked to access the document and sign as well.

A Salesforce eSign represents a field That helps a user enter their signature. Once activated, a Signer can use a mouse to enter a Signature and verify a document.

Why should Retail Services revamp their Signatures with Salesforce eSigns ?

Now, we are going to list Top 5 reasons to why should a Retail or any other Business use Salesforce eSignatures.

Reason (1) – Templates

Retail Services should use Salesforce eSignatures with No Code applications because using of various Templates becomes easy with No Code applications. In this case, a No code platform provides a list of Templates, Industry based, and easily manage-able to get started with Salesforce eSignatures.

Reason (2) – Multiple Signers

Multiple users can sign a Document at the same Time. In this case, there is no limits on how multiple users can sign a digital Document. In this regard, once an eSigning process is going to be initiated, owner of a document can choose who can sign a Document. Once completed, every user or proposed signer will receive an Email to access and sign the document.

Reason (3) – Automation

Automation is key to success when you need to repeat certain Tasks. In this case, you can create Documents with Salesforce Surveys or Forms and send them for eSigning purposes. The whole process can be automated with Apex, Process Builder, and Flow. In this regard, a No Code platform can really help you do Things with ease and point and click User Interface(s). Users who are involved in document eSigning automatically get an email notification to access and sign the document.

Reason (4) – GET and PUT statements

It is possible to use GET and PUT in Salesforce eSignatures. When it comes to using Salesforce eSignatures, you can use data from Salesforce to enhance Document eSigning. In this case, using of Salesforce GET and PUT statements is undeniable. The GET and PUT functions are similar to SELECT statements in the SQL, Structured Query Language for Database systems.

Reason (5) – Track eSigning processes in Real Time

Once a document is sent for eSigning, owners of documents or administrators can easily track the whole process. In this case, you can see how many users have signed a document or can also see how the process of document eSigning is going through in real Time.

Now, let’s address the brief steps to get started with Salesforce eSignatures.

Step (1) – First of all, with the help of a No Code application, upload the document you want to eSign. In this case, it could be anything like a Contract, Agreement, or a PDF file you want to sign.

Step (2) – Once uploaded, you can proceed to map the Fields. In this case, you will be shown the document in a Canvas once uploaded. Here, insert a Signature field right at the place on the document where you want to get signatures from the Signers.

Step (3) – Next, you can PUSH the document to Salesforce. Take this process as an example of storing or sending the document to a Salesforce account.

Step (4) – Now, look for an option That sends the document to the Signers. In this case, the Signers involved in the process will receive an email notification to access and sign the document.

To this line, you should have covered how a typical eSigning process works in Salesforce. The process can be easily achieved with Salesforce and a No Code application. If you want to watch a video Tutorial, please watch the video below. Please note, the interface may vary depending on the Tools you are using for e-Signatures. In this video, you can experience Titan DXP, a Zero Code application for Salesforce eSignatures.


To this line, you should understood how Salesforce eSignatures work and why should a company use Salesforce eSignatures. We addresses Top 5 reasons to use the Salesforce eSignatures for small and big companies.

The process of eSignatures start from a No Code application, helping you perform complex routines of Salesforce with point and click User Interface(s). In this case, there are multiple and different Zero code applications for different Tasks of Salesforce.

You can also automate certain aspect of the Salesforce eSignatures. For example, you can send a verified document once signed by multiple users. In this case, you will be sending the document to a Salesforce Object as an attachment. For more information, land on this Awesome tutorial or join the conversation in the comments.

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