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Salesforce eSigns: Revamp the process of Procurement in Media and Internet Industries

Apr 22, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, No Code

In any Industry possible, companies need to verify Customers’ Documents with automation. That means, companies to eSign digital Documents with Salesforce and No Code platforms’ combination.

For example, eCommerce Portals need to eSign customers’ Invoices for Cash on Deliveries slips. In this case, eCommerce portals would most likely need to avoid manual routines for mass customers.

In this article, we are going to learn how Salesforce eSigns work in Procurement for Media and Internet industries. You can literally follow the routine for any Industry possible. It means, the Industry doesn’t matter a lot when it comes to implementing the eSigning process. You will also cover additional concepts, such as No Code Tools, Salesforce Integration, and automation.

So, let’s start describing the details without further delay. You can also JUMP over to the section That contains the subject matter.

Introduction to Salesforce eSigns

Salesforce eSigning refers to the process of verifying digital Documents. In this case, as its name suggests, Salesforce is involved in the whole process, refers to a suite of Tools used for Customer Relationship Management.

Once you set out for an eSign process, the document is sent to people who are Tagged. In this case, you can see who signed the document, called Document Tracking and Monitoring in the eSigning process.

To get started with Salesforce eSigning, you can acquire a No Code interface for eSigns. This means, you will need a Tool that supports a No Code interface to get started with Salesforce eSigning, also providing Salesforce Integration with no Coding involvement.

What is Procurement ?

The process of Procurement outlines and address purchasing of goods and services for a company. In this case, there is a relation between Salesforce eSignatures and the process of Procurement.

The process of Procurement consists of several stages, from Quotations to closing the purchasing decisions and deals. At every stage, a company needs to verify supportive documents from authorised individuals. This is where Salesforce eSignatures come into play.

Salesforce eSignatures help companies easily verify Procurement Documents in an automated manner. Having That clarified, a document such as Invoice or Agreement can be sent for automated eSigns with Salesforce Integration and No Code applications.

In this case, once a No Code application is integrated with a Salesforce account, it can send a document as an attachment or Link to individuals who are responsible to sign a particular document. Once completed, many people at the same Time can sign a Document.

How to revamp the process of Procurement in Media and Internet Industries ?

By revamping the process, we mean to automate the process of seamless Document eSigning with Salesforce. In this case, you can eSign digital documents involved in the process of Procurement, such as Quotes, Proposals, Agreements, and Invoices.

Here is how can you proceed with Salesforce eSigning for Media and Internet Procurement.

Once you have generated a Document with No Code involvement with Salesforce, you can safely proceed towards eSigning the document(s).

Step (1)

First, you will need to upload the document in the No Code application That has already integrated with the Salesforce system. You can upload Agreements, PDF files, Proposals, or Quotes as required.

Step (2)

Next, you will see the document being displayed on a Canvas. Here, you need to carry out a variety of Tasks. First, you can drag and drop the required Fields on to the Canvas. Please note, you will need to match the relevant Fields by dragging and dropping Fields on the corresponding Fields on the Canvas. Similarly, also place additional Fields as required.

Step (3)

Right on the same Canvas, you will need to place a Field for eSignatures. In the same manner, you should also adjust Field Mapping attributes.

Step (4)

Now, you need to perform PUSHING the document to the Salesforce system. If you are not logged into the Salesforce, you will be prompted to log into your Salesforce account. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Step (5)

Assign a valid user to the Form or Fields. And, don’t forget to save changes at the end.

Step (6)

Finally, you can click on the Send button to send the document to users or signers. In this manner, you can let people sign an Agreement, Proposal, or Quote during the Procurement process in Media or Internet industries.

For more information on Salesforce eSignatures, watch This below video.

Note: If you want to fully automate the process of Document generation and eSigning, you will need to set a Process Builder for the said purpose.

This is how you can make your eSigning process more efficient while eSigning and Verifying documents used in the Procurement process of Media and Internet industries. No matter which industry you are considering the eSigning process for now, you can adjust the above routine in any niche possible.

Using the above routine, you can eSign a generated document with ease. Also, you can upload and send a stable document for eSigning with Salesforce. In this case, you should already have setup a No Code platform for Salesforce automation.

Salesforce Automation requires the integration of a No Code application. In this manner, you can use the Features of No Code platforms to automate Tasks with Salesforce, such as Document Generation. In the same manner, you can extend performance in various aspects possible, such as Conditional Logic, Templates, eSigning automation, and integration of 3rd party applications with no Coding expertise involved.


As we discussed, Procurement refers to a process That outlines, sorts, and carries out purchasing of goods or services in respect to a company’s expense.

As you know, the process of Procurement is based on several routines, involving Quotes, Agreements, Invoices, and closing Deals at the end. This is where Salesforce eSigns come into play, used to verify documents at different stages of a Full Stack buying experience.

No matter which industry you are in working, you can use Salesforce eSignatures for purchasing of goods and services, such as Media and Internet industries.

For more information, don’t forget to join the conversation in the comments and let us know your precious thoughts on Salesforce eSignatures in Media and Internet industries.

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