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Here is how High Techs can shorten their path to Agreements (Use Salesforce Electronic Signatures)

Apr 23, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Salesforce

Salesforce is commonly used for Salesforce Surveys and Document verification. In this case, companies can use Salesforce to create and verify digital Documents, such as Agreements, Reports, and Proposals.

The entire process starts from using a No Code application. In this case, companies of all sizes can use Salesforce features to actively create and verify business documents.

In this article, we are going to address Salesforce eSignatures to verify digital Documents, especially Agreements of High Tech companies.

Along with No Code interface, which doesn’t require Coding expertise, you can also automate Document Generation with Salesforce Forms and Conditional Logic. Later, generated Documents are sent for approval and verification.

So, let’s proceed to address the subject matters in more details. Please note, you will also be covering additional information to the Topic. If you are in a hurry and want to skip, you can CLICK HERE to jump straight to the relevant section of the subject.

Introduction to High Tech companies

High Tech companies ensure targeting large audience with corporate based products and services. In this case, High Tech companies play a vital role in affecting people’s lives in a positive manner.

High Tech companies make sure using of Technological Advancement to target mass audience. In this case, you can consider Mobile device manufacturing companies as High Tech companies.

Similarly, take Google and Facebook for example, helping people get connected across the globe. Google also provides other products That affect people’s lives positively, such as Gmail for Emails.

High Tech companies and Salesforce

High Tech companies can use Salesforce for a variety of purposes, such as Surveys, Document Generation, and Reports. Among such Use Cases, High Tech companies can also automate Document Verification with Salesforce, called Salesforce eSignatures. This is what we are addressing in this article.

Introduction to Agreements

Agreements refer to legal decisions, terms, or contracts between Two parties. When doing business, Two parties can define their mutual Terms to care of the duration of a deal.

When it comes to Agreements in Salesforce, we can say That management and automation of agreements with Salesforce refers to Salesforce Agreements.

In this case, you can use No Code applications with Salesforce. To create Contracts, Quotes, and Business Agreements, you will need to setup a No Code application for the said purpose.

Having That clarified, No Code applications help users manage Salesforce Agreements without Coding expertise in hands. This makes the process of Agreement Management a lot easier than manual routines.

Introduction to Salesforce Electronic Signatures

Salesforce Signatures are used to verify documents with Salesforce and No Code applications. In this case, you can use Salesforce Native apps for the purpose or use a 3rd party platform for the said purpose. In this case, Native apps work within the Salesforce and don’t require separate integration in most cases, while this routine is not True for 3rd party platforms.

High Tech companies use Salesforce eSignatures for document verification purposes. For example, High Tech companies need to verify digital Documents of users. Take Payoneer for example, users need to upload and verify documents from Payoneer. In this case, regardless of the fact That Payoneer uses Salesforce, the process of verification of documents can be achieved with Salesforce eSignatures.

To get started, you will have to install a No Code application for Salesforce eSigns. In this case, the point of installing and using a No Code application is to use Things without coding expertise, such as Titan DXP for Salesforce eSigns.

How to get started: High Tech companies, Agreements with Salesforce eSignatures

In below lines, you will learn how High Tech companies can get started with Salesforce eSignatures.

There are Tools involved in the process, known as No Code platforms. Such Tools help you create eSignatures with the Form Templates. In this case, you should look for one in the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory. Once you have installed and setup one, you can proceed to the next step.

With No Code platforms for Salesforce eSignatures, you can accomplish seamless Tasks, including automating and tracking eSignatures for Contracts and Agreements, send documents for verification, and see Analytics in Real Time.

If you have created a Salesforce Survey Form, you may be able to automate Document generation with Process Builder, Flow, and Apex. In this case, you can also proceed to the eSigning routine in no Time.

In the same manner, you can also automate the eSigning routines with Process Builder, Flow, and Apex.

Here is how you can get started with an eSigning routine.

Step (1) – You will need to upload the document to the No Code application, in case you have already integrated a No Code application with Salesforce. Here, you can also upload various kinds of documents, such as DOCx or a PDF agreement.

Step (2) – Once finished uploading, you will see the file content on a Canvas, along with content snippets at a left or right panel, depending on the Tool’s interface. Gradually drag and drop matching content elements on to the Canvas. Finally, place a signature field at the end. Here, you will also need to map fields once you have finished inserting various Fields on the Canvas.

Step (3) – Configure pushing the document to the Salesforce. If you are not logged in the Salesforce, enter your credentials to proceed. Also, make sure you have configured Mapping algorithm before proceeding to the next step.

Step (4) – Finally, click on the Send button to send the document to involved signers. Every signer will get an Email notification to access and sign the document. As an Administrator and owner of the document, you can track and see the Document’s progress in Real Time.

Watch the below video for more information on accomplishing Salesforce eSignatures with a No Code platform.

This is how you can streamline Agreement eSigning with Salesforce eSignatures.


For High Tech companies, verifying digital Documents with Salesforce eSignatures is undeniable. In most cases, when it comes to verifying digital Documents, you will need to use a No Code application with Salesforce connection.

The entire process is seamless and easy with a No Code application. You can even automate document Generation and eSigning process.

Please join the conversation below and let us know your opinion on the Salesforce eSignatures for High Tech companies.

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