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Salesforce Document Generation: How Can Insurance companies streamline their Claims with a Point and Click Interface

Apr 29, 2022 | Integration, Latest Grid Posts

Whether you are running an Insurance company or managing a Financial Institution, Salesforce Document Generation helps you efficiently manage your Document Management.

The process of Document Generation with Salesforce involves creation of automated Document with Forms. In this case, the Forms That gather information from users would mostly communicate to a Salesforce system.

In this article, you will learn how an Insurance company can use Salesforce Document Generation to streamline Document Generation. In this case, you will also address, how surrounding aspects of the subject work, such as Salesforce Integration with No Code Document Generating Tools.

Having That clarified, readers should also expect the same manner for any niche possible. It means, even if you are working in a different niche, you will be bale to reflect your routines with strategies discussed in this resource.

So, let’s start describing the Topic in more details. If you prefer jumping straight to the specific section, you can JUMP to the main section of this article.

Introduction to Salesforce Document Generation

Salesforce Document Generation is a process That works better with the Salesforce system, as its name suggests. In this case, the Tools you are using for Document Generation, such as No code applications, should perform Integration with Salesforce as well.

In Document Generation with Salesforce, you can create automated Documents with Salesforce involvement. For example, by using Salesforce Forms and Surveys, you can also proceed towards generating Documents with Forms data.

Benefits of Salesforce Document Generation include generation of repetitive documents in a Business Workflow(s). In this case, say eCommerce portals for example, can create automated Invoices with Salesforce Document Generation.

In this case, you will be using No Code application That also provide integration routines with the Salesforce system. Having That clarified, as its name suggests, No Code platforms provide a zero code interface to create custom workflow(s) with the Salesforce system.

What are Insurance companies ?

Insurance companies refer to companies That provide Insurance services. In this case, such companies also use Salesforce to streamline their Claims with a point and click User Interface. In this case, Claims refer to invoices, agreements, or proposals used in an Insurance company.

Insurance companies can also get started with Document Generation by using No Code platforms. In this case, Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory hosts a bunch of No Code applications for every purpose.

Once you have chosen and installed one, you will be able to create a custom workflow to create automated Documents with Salesforce. This process is entirely called Salesforce Document Generation.

In the coming paragraphs, you will learn the importance of Salesforce Document Generation for Insurance companies. You will also learn how to get started with Salesforce Document Generation for Insurance companies.

Insurance Companies: Streamline Claims with a Point and Click Interface (Salesforce Document Generation)

In this case, streamlining Insurance Claims refer to creating automated Documents with Salesforce Document Generation and verifying such Documents as well.

Step (1) – In the first step, you will need to create a simple Form or Survey to gather users’ data. In this case, once you have chosen a No Code interface for Salesforce, such as a Form Builder, you can quickly create new Forms with point and click User Interface(s).

Step (2) – To this line, you should have inserted relevant Form Fields in the first step. Next, you will need to adjust and configure PDF making. This process is called PDF Mapping, and refers to creating PDF claims for Insurance companies.

Step (3) – Next, you will be able to map Form Fields with the Template you have uploaded. In this case, you can drag and drop relevant Fields on the Template, using a No Code application’s interface for Salesforce.

Step (4) – Finally, you can set relevant measures shown on the screen. Having That clarified, you should have configured all measures accordingly. Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed to the next step.

Step (5) – Finally, the documents (Claims) will be generated on the basis of configurations you have set. For example, a PDF or another type of resultant document will be created based on your Template being uploaded. Similarly, the Form Fields will define the nature of resultant files for various Niches.

This is how you can generate Insurance Claims (PDF or DOCx) with a No Code, point and click User Interface with Salesforce Document Generation.

Please note, the interface may be different from Tool to Tool. Once you are up to choosing a No Code application for Salesforce, you should choose one That underlines with your company requirements.

Also, while creating a Form in the first step and uploading a Template, you can decide which industry you should target for output files. It means, the first Two steps will define the industry of your resultant files, such as Proposals, Agreements, or Insurance Claims.

Tools required

You can use a No Code application That supports a No code interface to create custom applications, along with performing Salesforce Integration with no Coding involvement. Such Tools are ideal candidates for Insurance based Document Generation.

In this case, you can quickly request a Demo version of a robust No Code application used for Salesforce Document Generation. Don’t forget to test such Tools out prior to choosing them for your Business Workflow(s).

In the process, you will be performing Salesforce Integration with No Code application. The process of Integration helps No Code applications extend the functionality of Salesforce or present the functionality of Salesforce in a manage-able manner, easy to use for Beginners. In this case, No Code platforms help you easily perform Integration with Salesforce with a No Code interface.

Watch the below video for more information on generating Salesforce Insurance Claims in PDF or DOCx format.


That’s it.

The process of Salesforce Document Generation can be tuned for any niche possible. When creating a new Form or Survey in the first step, you can insert relevant Fields to what you are aiming at creating as a resultant document.

In the same manner, you should also upload a relevant Document Template to map Fields according. In this case, the first Two steps will define whether or not you are going to generate an Insurance Claim at the end. It means, the steps are common for any niche, it is the configuration That makes a difference for various Niches.

Last but not least, join the conversation below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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