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How Financial Services can create Complex Reports with Salesforce Document Generation

Apr 28, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

Document Generation is vital for many reasons for corporate Businesses. In this case, as its name suggests, Salesforce Document Generation helps companies quickly create digital Documents with ease.

In this article, you are going to explore the Salesforce Document Generation for Financial Services. Having That clarified, once you have covered this write-up, you will be able to proceed with Salesforce Document Generation.

Readers should also expect surrounding Factors to the subject. In this case, you will also learn surrounding Factors to the Salesforce and Document Generation. The whole structure will hep you understand Salesforce Document Generation much efficiently.

So, let’s start describing the subject in more details. If you prefer jumping to the specific section of this article, please do so HERE.

What are Financial Services ?

Financial Services are routines, activities, or paid services offered for Financial audience. In this case, examples of Financial Services include Banking, Insurance, and Loan Schemes.

When it comes to having Salesforce for Financial entities and routines, you can cover the game with Salesforce Native apps or 3rd party Premium No Code applications.

Native apps don’t require additional Integration with Salesforce as such Apps work within Salesforce. On the other hand, 3rd party Tools require a separate integration with Salesforce system. No Code platforms are best known to provide No Code interface for Salesforce Tasks, such as Document Generation, Surveys, and Forms.

In below lines, you will learn how Salesforce Document Generation works with No Code applications, helping Financial Services manage their documents with ease.

Salesforce and Financial Services

As Financial Services involve Document Generation, Agreement Approvals, and Surveys from Financial audiences, Salesforce provides an array of features for Financial industries.

No matter how Salesforce helps a company, Salesforce performance is even boosted with specific No Code applications for Financial niches, such as ones you find on the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory. In this case, Financial Industry can efficiently manage every aspect of Financial Document Generation with Salesforce.

Having That clarified, No Code platforms specific to Financial Industry have a lot of features for Financial Industry. In this case, you should find an ideal platform for your industry, prior to getting started with No Code platforms.

You can also use Document Templates for your Industry. In this case, No Code applications provide pre-Made Templates for various Niches, such as Proposals and Agreements for Financial Services.

Let’s proceed to address creating complex Reports with Salesforce Document Generation.

Create complex Reports with Salesforce Document Generation

If you want to taste how Salesforce Document Generation works, please watch the below Video Tutorial before proceeding to more details.

How to get started ?

To get stared with Salesforce Document Generation, you should have a Salesforce account, a No Code application, and have performed the Salesforce Integration prior to proceeding to the next step.

Tools required in the Trade

In most cases, a simple No Code application will play better with Salesforce account and Integration. Once you have completed the Salesforce Integration, you can proceed to the next step in the coming lines.

Step involved (Brief Description)

First, you can get started with creating a simple Form. You will be adding more functionality right on the same screen. Please note, a Tool’s interface is different from Tool to Tool, so keep reading for more information on your Tool’s official website, if you feel frustrated at some point.

Next, you will need to configure PDF mapping if you want to generate a PDF Report for your Financial audience. In this case, you should have also inserted relevant Form Fields in the Form you designed in the first step above.

Next, you can also upload a PDF Template and proceed to map Fields accordingly. This will generate new PDF report once a user fills out the Form.

Here, you can also proceed to creating a PDF and attach to a Salesforce Object. This will require configuration for PUSH function, and other measures in Salesforce.

Introduction to No Code platforms for Document Generation

There are a variety of Apps you can use for Salesforce Document Generation. In this case, you shouldn’t miss the Apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange Directory. In this case, you can also find Free versions of the Apps in most cases.

You can also avail 3rd party Premium Tools if you prefer. In this case, you will have to pay a small fee for an extended list of features.

Tutorial Video

Please watch the above video for more information on how you, as a Financial Service can create Reports using Salesforce Document Generation. The process is simple and takes less than 10 minutes for a Beginner, without coding expertise.

What’s next ?

This is how Financial Services can create Reports using Salesforce Document Generation. In case of generating Reports for Financial industry, you will have to focus on Two aspects. (1) The Form in the first step, you will need to insert relevant Form Fields for users to fill out. (2) The document Template you upload in the second step will define the ultimate product (PDF Report) after the document has been generated.

Wrapping up

When setting up Salesforce Document Generation for Financial documents, you will need to proceed with Financial sense at every stage. This means, the Form Fields will need to be in respect with Financial Industry. Similarly, you will also need to create and design a PDF Template specific to Financial needs.

This is how you can use Salesforce Document Generation for Financial needs. In the same manner, you can initiate Salesforce Document Generation for any niche possible. As described earlier, you will need to change measures as accordingly, such as Form Fields and PDF Template.

To get started with Salesforce Document Generation, you should step forward by choosing a relevant, No code application in the first place. A No Code platform supports how you want to carry out Salesforce Document Generation for your Niche.

Once completed choosing and setting up a No Code interface, you can also send a generated Document as attachment to a Salesforce Object. In this case, the above Tutorial Videos walks you through point and click options to get Things done in a simple manner.

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