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Salesforce Automation with Forms, Surveys, and Document Generation

Oct 15, 2023 | Recent Posts Featured

Salesforce is a commonly used customer relationship management (CRM) software that assists small to large organizations in building interactions with potential customers and manage sales. If you handle business transactions manually, it is a time-consuming process, and chances of error still exist. But if you integrate your business with Salesforce and link it with automation software, your transaction is completed within seconds.

Integrating your organization with Salesforce creates ease for task management and effortless transaction processing. Salesforce contains a premium-level feature that is being practiced within the organization to collect and store valuable organizational data. The collected data is then used to design ad campaigns, sales, customer interactions, or develop marketing strategies.

While operating a business, a wide range of transactions are performed. In this article, you get a deep dive into the concept of form, its benefits, and how it plays a vital role in data management. You also get a brief interaction related to the survey, why it’s essential, the ultimate benefits of the survey, and how to collect accurate and reliable information using Salesforce integration for the purpose of surveys. Another important topic related to document generation and various forms of no-code tools for document generation integrated with Salesforce is being discussed here.

So, without further ado, let’s uncover the vital aspect of a given topic and its importance for business development.


Salesforce Forms is a streamlined data management system that creates a personalized connection with a potential customer. Salesforce Form is probably more integrated with the ecosystem. You can integrate with the ecosystem by using several SRM tools.

Using the Salesforce form, you don’t need technical knowledge to handle your organization’s financial transactions. If you need to add, edit, or update a particular transaction, you simply need to open the tab and process the transaction. The user-friendly interface gives you more control over your business handling and accurately performs business transactions without technical knowledge.

Forms Benefits

Incorporating your digital presence with Salesforce would be one of the best decisions for you to prosper your organization. Using Salesforce Form within the organization, here is the list of benefits you’ve enjoyed after integrating with Salesforce Form:

Accurate Data

One reason many businesses fail is inefficient and inaccurate data about particular findings. However, you gather accurate and reliable data from automated processes using the Salesforce Form.

You don’t need to manually insert all the required information one by one about a particular customer. Instead of manual updates, Salesforce automation does this work, and all the data is automatically stored in Cloud CRM. Once the organizational data is stored in one single Salesforce, it ensures data accuracy. Collecting online data and associating it with Salesforce improves its accuracy and reliability. It’s also easy to collect relevant data in one platform without handling multiple tools to perform various business transactions.

2. Personalized Information

Using an Automated Salesforce form allows you to have customized information relevant to particular customers, organizations, or specified prospects. Once you submit the document into the Salesforce interface, all the data is stored and added to the allocated folder with updated information. When you launch an ad campaign and want to showcase a particular report, you don’t need to do research. All the research is done with a single instruction, and relevant data is automatically added to your designed ad campaign.

3. Lead Generation

Another undeniable benefit you enjoy while using the Salesforce Form is gaining potential leads. Salesforce’s feature, called web-to-lead, is specifically designed to do this task. It saves time to collect data about the customer, their personal preference, and the queries they are looking for. You get valuable insight about the customers with one click, and it helps you to attract the attention of potential customers through effective marketing strategies. You can even track your process from launch to finish.

4. Automate Workflow

Another essential benefit you can’t ignore is its automation process. Handling transactions manually is time-consuming, and the chances of error and misconduct are high, but using an automation process, the accuracy and reliability are unquestionable. The data collection from customer to customer showcases the company’s weak points, and it helps the organization take productive action to resolve clients’ queries. Using survey feedback, allocate the organizational drawback and pinpoint the strengths that could be a game changer.

5. Final Decision

Your organizational success mainly depends on your correct decision at the right time. The analytical and systematic data collected through a form or survey helps you provide accurate figures about your business and allows you to acquire desirable leads. Making timely decisions with complete accuracy relevant to a particular segment is only possible with Salesforce Form integration.

Forms for Data Management

Once you know the importance of the Salesforce form and how it plays a vital role in business management and acquiring potential leads, let’s discover the types of Salesforce forms provided by the customer management system:

Web-to-lead Salesforce Form

web-to-lead Salesforce forms are an essential feature of Salesforce. It’s used to generate HTML code for particular fields you select. The HTML is then pasted into the actual website form you have used for business transactions. It’s the best way to obtain potential leads directly from your official website without being integrated with third-party software.

Web-to-Case Salesforce Form

Similarly to the Web-to-Lead option, the Salesforce web-to-case feature allows customers to create a case directly in Salesforce without any development. This feature helps you to get valuable information if you want a streamlined case creation process for customers. Important factors you need to consider while implementing this feature are making sure your case is well routed and escalated with relevant members to clear customer queries. You can even be tracked and audited for the whole process of the Salesforce form. It means you can easily monitor your progress and tackle the problem promptly.

Web-to-Customer Salesforce Form

If you want to connect your web form to a custom object in Salesforce, you can do so by selecting the custom object you want to work with and then creating a layout that includes all the required fields for your specific use case. Once a user submits the record, the information will be automatically fed into Salesforce as a custom object. Keep in mind that this process may require the development or use of Salesforce APIs, so be sure to fully understand the requirements before proceeding with the implementation of web-to-custom object projects.


Survey is a systematized data collection process in which you collect valuable insight about your offering directly from the customer’s viewpoint. Customer relations management strategies mainly depend on the salesforce survey to collect targeted audience information. Although collecting data is time-consuming, it drains a lot of energy. But don’t worry; using Salesforce automation, all the work is done with minimum examination. The Salesforce automation handles the task, and you receive reliable data directly from the mouth of the customer. Choose the right tool that offers a seamless process of data collection and is able to be extended to get rapid, reliable data.

Surveys Benefits

Salesforce surveys are another premium feature of Salesforce that is being utilized by companies to gather valuable data. You do not need any technical knowledge to create and form the survey. Once you put the required input on the Salesforce survey, It not only automates the process but gives you complete control over your processing. By using the Salesforce survey, you get the following benefits:

  1. You can create a customized survey and limit its access to a particular customer. In this way, only specified customers can access your survey and provide valuable feedback about your company’s performance.
  2. You can customize the survey design and look using different color combinations to make it more attractive. Customized surveys get more attention than classic surveys. The customer feels valuable and gives their honest opinion.
  3. Salesforce Automation has a good range of standardized questionnaires that could be used in survey feedback. You can utilize their self-made questionnaire or, if required, add your question to add value and attract more customers.
  4. Enhance use-experienced. Don’t try technical or logical questions that require a technical specialty. The seamless and straightforward approach can collect more accurate data.
  5. You can also add Customer satisfaction (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score to see the workflow process.
  6. Using the Feedback Management channel, you have control to collect data about the different channels, and it helps your team to build a strong bond within the organization to remove the communication gap.

Salesforce Survey automation

Now you see the potential of the Salesforce survey and how it’s essential to get accurate, reliable, and rapid data collection. The standardized survey is automated, but you design your study per your company’s needs. So, without any wait, Let’s uncover a method to create a survey that helps you to get valuable insights for sales, marketing, or customer relationship strategies:

  1. Open your Salesforce home page, click setup, type Survey in the search bar, and land on the survey setting. After this, enable the survey to go live and manage its access. You can also create an experience study if desired.
  2. After setting the particular survey, select a study specified, Assign it as New, and Name your survey.
  3. Your standard survey is ready to go live, and you can also add a welcome note, any particular message, or the purpose of data collection.
  4. To add a new question, click on the left bar add question option and add your question without any hurdle.
  5. Multiple questionnaire option is available. Choose as per your requirements.
  6. You can add as much as question needed. You have control over the questions to reorder the process or add a special note with each questionnaire.
  7. Once you add all required questions to the survey form, it’s time to customize your survey. Click On the Branding Tab and choose your name, logo, and graphical option.
  8. If you want changes, keep the survey on hold and make the necessary changes. If it’s all done accurately, then it’s ready to go live.
  9. Once all the information is added, all the branding features are incorporated, and there’s no need to do any revisions; it’s ready to launch.
  10. Your survey will appear on the participants’ screen, ready to collect data from customer ends.
  11. The collected data is then further processed for business development. The finding reflected the actual market position of the company and allowed its owner to take productive action to remove the gap between the brand and end customers.

Document Generation

Salesforce is the leading CRM software widely used to collect and analyze large volumes of organizational data. You can also have the authority to generate documents that are necessary to showcase client credentials and financial transactions.

When we talk about document generation on Salesforce, we mean to design and create documents that reflect and showcase relevant organization data with complete accuracy and reliability. All the processes are done automatically. Minimum human effort is required to streamline the organizational workflow. The report generated using Salesforce is valuable and worth implementing to get potential leads.

The updated information relevant to particular businesses and customer preferences is essential for any business, and your success highly depends on updated insights. While using Salesforce, you can generate documents for data analysis, but its features are limited. The solution is not robust, and you need third-party involvement to complete transactions with accuracy.

Benefits of document generation using Salesforce

It’s a time-consuming process to record each and every transaction relevant to business transactions by using no-code software for document generation while using Salesforce to generate accurate and authentic documents. You don’t need to depend on human effort if you automate the process using efficient software. Much of the marketing task uses salesforces, such as invoices, contracts, and business proposals. Here is the list of benefits: you could enjoy the Steamline document generation process using user-friendly no-code tools.

Automation Process

The document generation while using Salesforce automates the process. The automation removes the error, dedicates mistakes, and makes the procedure error-free. The data generated are correct and free of errors. It’s cost-efficient, easy to access large amounts of data in one place, and easy to process transactions without any difficulty. The automation makes the process effortless, swift, and manageable.

Effortless Document Management

integrated document generation with Salesforce makes the business transaction easy to manage and track. You can even see the status of a document and check its viability to know whether it has been approved by clinicians or not. The management process turns seamless and track-able. Each and every transaction is stored in Cloud-based Software, and the chances of negligence are the lowest.

Improve Communication

Some document generation gives access to one particular document to various numbers of users. The team members now have the authority to see and edit the document and even highlight the section that needs improvements. The comments and feedback features also improve communication among different team members. Access to one document to its team members creates a smooth workflow and enhances the collaboration process.

Cost and Time-Efficient

Document generation app is cost-efficient. You can subscribe to the app by using one-time payment methods and then use its premium features to generate more updated and advanced attributes. It also saves a lot of time for the business management team to store and edit existing documents.

Digital Signatures

Most document generation allows users to sign particular documents using digital signature features. It refers to the authenticity and authority of documents. It improves the approval process and organization workflow.

Incorporate with other apps.

Many documents need further processing, and the document generation tool allows users to integrate with another app. If you need further processing, like updating the current record or adding documents with existing files, you can do this task seamlessly. For example, e-mail allows users to integrate with another app for updates or content management.

Salesforce document generation tools

In the above section, you now have enough acquaintance with Salesforce document generation and its importance. The complete process that needs to be followed is well explained in the above paragraph. Now, let’s uncover the different No code tools that could be interlinked with Salesforce to generate documents.


DocuSign is one of the reliable no-code tools used widely with Salesforce integration for document generation. It allows you to create and design various documents with signatures. Signatures reflect the authority of the papers and improve the approval process. The workflow among different departments becomes seamless by receiving a signature copy, which removes the collaboration gaps among team members.


Pandadoc is another No-code tool commonly integrated with Salesforce. It started as a startup but has become a million-dollar global brand. PandaDoc is a reliable No code tool being practiced widely and mainly utilized to generate confidential organizational documents. It’s cloud-based software, and all your credential information is being stored. No one has access to these particular documents without the owner’s permission. It is commonly used by large enterprises and government officials to protect confidential records.

Zoho Docs

You can’t find the Zogo Docs on AppExchange.  Zoho Docs is only integrated with Salesforce with the help of third-party incorporations. Customized features and a wide range of document generation applications enable its users to generate desirable results. A wide range of document customization options makes this software worth busying with, and its premium features allow you to create accurate, swift, and desirable files within minutes.


Locomotion is another widely utilized No-code tool designed to generate and automate the document process. It’s good software for reliability, accuracy, and timely delivery. Locomotion document generation software is being used by both small enterprises and large organizations to create, edit, and update existing documents.

Salesforce document generation with No code automation

Creating documents using Salesforce is user-friendly but different from document generation. In document creation, you can attach a wide range of content documents, such as folders, spreadsheets, and mentions.

The following steps you need to take while using Salesforce document generation with no code automation are:

1 The first step in document generation is to add the New Document option to the Global Action menu. It allows you to create a document from anywhere in Lightning Experience.

  1. The next step is to set up the documents. In the setup homepage, search publisher layout in the quick search bar. The global layout is being showcased; select this part and make the necessary edits to the Global Layout.
  2. After this step, click “Mobile & Lightning Actions” and select “New Document.” Next, drag the “New Document” option to the “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” section below. Make sure to save the new action you want to add and override any predefined actions.
  3. Once you have taken all necessary action, simply navigate the Lightning page on Salesforce, and then it’s easy to find relevant information just by clicking Global Action.
  4. Moving forward, you can add desirable content to your documents. You can save this particular document in a private quip folder. You can also link your document to the Salesforce interface to share it with others.

Over to You

Salesforce integration allows the organization to automate business transactions and store valuable insights about the business. Salesforce is cloud-based software that collects and gathers relevant information, which is then utilized for further business dealings. You can use Salesforce for a wide range of business dealings, such as creating forms, conducting surveys, and document generation.

Using Salesforce for business purposes allows it to get potential leads, and data collected from different mediums is easy to access. The chances of error and fraud are present when all transactions are performed manually, but automation software creates a streamlined process, and the chances of mistakes are near zero. You can never get more accuracy and reliability using Salesforce integrated with No Code Tools. No-code tools are used with Salesforce to boost data collection, and it allows you to access multiple departments and remove communication gaps among different departments while using one single piece of software.

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