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5 Things you need to know about Media Surveys with Salesforce (How Should You Use Salesforce Surveys)

Apr 21, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Salesforce

In simple words, Media refers to a mass audience, full of various desires, wants, and expectations from a Publication, Website, or Online Application. In the coming Text, Media should be considered in the mentioned aspect through out this article.

In this article, we are aiming at addressing Media Surveys with Salesforce. It refers to taking Salesforce Surveys from Media audiences, or Niches involved in diverse industries.

You should also expect additional information in this article, such as definition of Salesforce, Use Cases, implementation of No Code applications, and Salesforce Integration in simple words.

So, let’s start describing the details without further delay.

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What is Salesforce ?

Salesforce is a Custom Relation Management Tool, providing products and services to the corporate based companies. Salesforce products are tailored towards serving customers of all sizes, small and big companies.

Specifically, Salesforce aims at business growth for companies. In this regard, you can create and implement Salesforce Custom Applications for your audience, such as File Conversion Portals for dedicated audiences.

With Salesforce Integration, you can even integrate 3rd party Tools with the Salesforce system. Integration, in simple words, helps companies extend functionality with other Tools, such as No Code platforms, when integrated with Salesforce, can help you create Salesforce Forms and Surveys with no Coding expertise.

What are Media Surveys ?

Media Surveys features audience in a competitive Media environment. For example, a Survey is called a Media Survey if it is taken from an audience of relevant or diverse natures or industries.

For example, a Survey That targets B2B audience on Social Media is known as Media Surveys. In simple words, you can also call such Surveys as Social Media Surveys.

Media Surveys are arranged to target specific audience or a large number of diverse nature audience. As a company, you can find out natures, interests, or desires of an unknown audience through Media Surveys.

You can get started with Media Surveys by using No Code platforms. For example, FormTitan helps you create No Code Forms (Online) with a drag and drop User Interface. Similarly, you can also involve Salesforce specific No Code platforms to create Salesforce Media Surveys, such as Titan DXP for Salesforce Integration.

Get started with Media Surveys with Salesforce (Top 5 Factors to Consider)

To get started with Media Surveys with Salesforce, you will need to choose and setup a No Code platform. A No Code platform will help you create Salesforce Surveys with no Coding involvement.

First, you will need to choose a Tool of your choice from the Salesforce Official AppExchange Directory. You can also choose a Tool from a different directory, such as one from a 3rd party Premium directory of your choice.

Next, setup an account, Salesforce Integration, and relevant measures to get started. Once completed, you will be able to use the No Code platform to create Salesforce Surveys.

Proceed to perform the Salesforce Integration and make your Surveys available to the users. Once a Survey Form is filled, you will receive notifications to manage users’ responses.

No Code Tools

UseĀ Titan DXP or FormTitan to create Online Form that are easily integrate-able with the Salesforce system. In this regard, you can create Forms without requiring any Coding skills.

Top 5 Factors to consider when starting out with Media Surveys with Salesforce

1. No Code platforms

Always use No Code platforms That supports Two things for Surveys: (1) No Code Interface (2) Salesforce Integration, helping you create and integrate Salesforce No Code Surveys with point and click User Interfaces.

2. Bi-Directional Data Transmission

When creating Salesforce Surveys, you can justify the Bi-Directional Data Transmission with No Code interface. In this case, once you have designed a Survey Form, you can also set Bi-Directional routines with the No Code interface. It helps you read or write data from/to Salesforce accounts, objects, or Orgs with the help of No Code interfaces.

3. Dynamic Pre-Fill Form Fields

When it comes to Media Surveys, you can dynamically pre-fill Form Fields with data from Salesforce Objects. In this case, you will be adjusting the same data across multiple nodes with dynamic pre-filling routines. In this regard, No Code platforms help you efficiently aim for improved performance.

4. Add Images and Videos to your Surveys

When it comes to Media Surveys with Salesforce, you will probably need to add images and videos inside Surveys. As its name suggests, Media Surveys should features images and videos for improved performance. Having That clarified, No Code applications will help you add Media contents in the Media Surveys Forms.

5. Distribution of Media Surveys

Once you have created a Survey Form for Media industry, you can also distribute the Survey with easy options, such as via Social Media, Links, or Emails. In this case, you can reach more audience to gather relevant data across various platforms. In this regard, you can find sharing options in the No Code platforms’ interface after you have finished creating a Salesforce Media Survey.

What’s next ?

Go ahead and request a Demo version for one of the most widely used No Code platform for Salesforce Surveys – Titan DXP demo version. Once completed, you can quickly create Salesforce Surveys with a No Code User Interface.


No matter which Industry you are in working, you can use a No Code platform to create Salesforce Surveys with a No Code functionality. In this case, a Survey is categorised based on its Form Fields and intentions.

Having That clarified, the same Form Fields, if changed for other industries, are categorised in the respective Niche. For example, if a Survey includes Form Fields related to Procurement, it would call a Procurement Survey. On the other hand, it may call a Survey for Retail business if it has relevant Form Fields to the Retail businesses.

In this regard, No Code platforms as mentioned above include Survey Templates for different industries. For example, once logged into your Survey Tool, you can choose and edit from a variety of Templates to create a Media or Procurement Survey with Salesforce Integration.

For more information, please visit This awesome Tutorial or join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts on Media Surveys with Salesforce.

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