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Is Machine Language universal (Beginner’s Explanation)

Mar 15, 2022 | Low Code, Zero Code

Have you heard about Machine Language or wanted to know – Is Machine Language universal ?

In this resource, you will learn the basics of Machine Language and the subject matter as well.

You can also cover additional sub-Topics in this write-up. However, if you are in a hurry, you can always Jump over to the specific section.

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What is Machine Language ?

Machine Language, as its name suggests, is a Language used by Computer CPU.

In Personal Computers, Machine Language is understandable by computer Central Processing Unit or CPU.

A CPU needs to convert every instruction before it is being processed. This conversion takes place with Machine language.

Having That clarified, the instructions are converted to the Machine language before processing is initiated.

The instructions in Machine language contains any input given by users. Through input devices, a CPU can receive users’ instructions.

The Machine Language is composed of Two digits, also called Binary Digits, including Zero and One.

This means, the users’ instructions are converted to Binary Digits before a computer is able to understand the instructions.

Who uses Machine Language ?

Hardware Programmers use Machine language to make CPUs able to process Humans’ information.

In other words, you can also say That a computer’s CPU make uses of the Machine language.

In below lines, you are going to dive deep into the subject matter – Is the Machine Language universal ?

Is Machine Language universal ?

Before we define the subject, we will need what does “Universal” mean.

The word “Universal” means whether Machine language works on all Types of Computers.

It seems unlikely That a Machine language is Universal. Because, not all Hardware vendors use the same architecture for its devices That is required for Machine language to work.

This means, not all chips can support the same Machine language, in most cases.

Otherwise, Hardware architecture needs to be same, exactly same for a Machine language to work correctly.

However, there are programming languages That run on various CPUs, like C. However, we can’t call it universal, as Users’ Operating Systems and CPUs differ a lot in the Trade.

Also, if you count Machine language for Personal CPUs’ architecture only, you can count the Machine language as universal. But, this may hold less weight.

Keep in mind That we can’t say a Machine language universal because every machine is different.

For example, electronic CPUs use Binary Codes to process Humans’ information. Unlike CPUs, there are military equipment That use another kind of machine code.

So, we can say That machines are different and hence, their architecture and purpose are also different from computers’ CPUs.

Well, it is possible That a machine language in a specific domain is universal for devices of That nature. However, this doesn’t qualify the status of being universal for a machine language.


There are hundreds if not thousands of electronic devices in the world. In Hardware sense, machine languages are common.

But whether or not a machine language is universal, we can’t say for sure because it depends on so many factors.

If we talk about Machine Language in computer world, even if it is universal, we can’t say for sure.

On the other hand, the CPUs structure and architecture may differ from each other. That’s where the status of a Machine language as “Universal” becomes doubtful.

Unless Hardware vendors are agreed to build same architecture for their devices, no Machine language seems able to be universal.

However, besides Machine Language (Binary), we have programming languages for other purposes That are used widely and are considered universal in their respective domains.

For example, HTML and CSS are used widely (Universal) for web design projects. Similarly, Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to deal database related Tasks.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is used to build Internet pages. On the other hand, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to make web pages attractive.

In the same manner, SQL is used to save, update, edit, or remove database records, by applying SQL commands to the database.

In simple words, SQL is the language to talk to a database system.

Note: The information in this article is kept factually correct. If you want to let us know of an edit or suggestion, please join the conversation in the comments.

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