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Document Automation: How to create and send Educational Reports with Salesforce Document Generation

Apr 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, SAP

For companies with Document Automation, Salesforce Documents’ Generation has an important role. With combination That create Salesforce and No Code platforms Integration, Salesforce Document Automation becomes an enjoyable routine.

In this article, we will learn – how can you create and send Educational Reports with Salesforce Document Generation. By Educational reports, we mean the Procurement quotes, Resumes Templates, and Marks sheets on the go.

Readers will also find additional information in this article, including an introduction to Salesforce and Document Generation, relation between Document Generation and Higher Education industry, and most importantly, you will learn how can Higher Education institutions create and send Educational Reports with a Click.

So, let’s get started without getting late further. You can also JUMP to the specific section if you prefer to skip additional details in this article.

Introduction to Document Generation

Document Generation is composed of Salesforce algorithms That create rich format Documents, such as DOCx or PDF, based on a Template with data fetched from a Salesforce system.

In this case, let’s consider the following scenario.

Once you have created a Salesforce Form, you can let Salesforce with a No Code application, create Rich Format Documents once a user submits the Form. This process is known as Automated Document generation in simple words, or simply Document Generation with Salesforce.

Purpose of generating Documents with Salesforce is automation regarding Document Management with Users’ data. For example, if an entry point like Form, receives data That affect resultant documents in a way, can be managed with Salesforce Document generation.

Document Generation and Higher Education Industry

In an Education industry, you would most likely want to create and eSign course enrolments, generate marks sheets, and process educational grades of students.

In this case, when it comes to generating automated Documents with users’ data, especially inputs from a Form, you will need Salesforce Document Generation in place to proceed with Educational Document Management.

To get started, Salesforce Document Management is initiated with a No Code application That provides Salesforce Integration as well. In this case, creating and sending automated Educational Reports is easy with point and click options.

How can Higher Education Institutions create and send Reports with a Click ?

In below lines, we are going to create and send Educational Reports with a Click. You will be using a No Code platform for the said purpose. In this resource, we are featuring Titan DXP to create and send Educational Reports. Having That clarified, you may find a different Interface if you are using a different Tool for the purpose.

Note: Educational Reports include Course Registration documents, Financial ad applications, and processing Grades and Reports cards.

Note 2: You can also watch the below video Tutorial to create and send an Educational Report with a Click, if you prefer watch Video Tutorials.

Step (1)

First of all, you should have configured a Salesforce Form and a Template to create automated educational Reports. While this is a Technical routine, we will try to understand how it works.

In this case, the best combination to create Educational Reports is to map Salesforce Forms’ Fields with a Template, such as PDF. In this case, users’ entries on Salesforce Form Fields will be mapped to the specific PDF format That will result in generating an Educational Report.

Step (2)

Next, you will also need to push the document to Salesforce. Here, the No Code application used to create a Salesforce Form also provides integration with Salesforce. You can always perform Salesforce Integration right on the same page in the Titan DXP. If you are not logged into the Salesforce account, you will be prompted a dialogue box to sign into Salesforce.

You may also need to configure Push settings on the screen dialogue boxes. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Step (3)

Similarly, set the parameters That will help you send the resultant document for eSigning. Also, you may need to assign a User to the job.

Step (4)

Finally, send the Document to interested signers. Each person will receive an email notification That will contain a link to access the document.

Once opened, users will be able to sign the document. This is how you can create and send Educational Reports for eSigning. In this tutorial, we have combined Two processes, Salesforce Document Generation and eSigning by clicking the Send button.

The whole process can also be seen by multiple users at once. This means, all the users involved in the eSigning process will be able to see the progress.


Creating and Sending Educational Reports may highly depend on how a No Code application words in combination with the Salesforce system.

In this article today, we went through a normal procedure of how a Document is created and sent for eSigning. This is what we meant by creating and sending Educational Reports with a single Click. You can also make the process more automated if you know how to create and set Salesforce Workflow(s) to create automated Documents.

For more information on how to go through the process of creating and sending Educational Reports, please refer to this Resource. On the same resource, you can also request for a Demo account to experience Salesforce Document Generation.


In this article, you should have learned how Salesforce Document Generation and eSigning can be used to create and send Educational Documents for eSigning. Once a document is created, sending for verification is extremely easy with a single Click.

The entire process should be automated in most cases if you know how to create and set Salesforce Workflow(s) for automation. While this is a Technical Task, you can create seamless automation That makes creation and sending of Education Documents possible in minutes.

However, you may experience a different Interface than what we featured in this article (Video). If you are using a different Tool, you will feel the difference in this case. However, this article ensures you learn how to go through the process from a broader aspect.

For more information on creating and sending Educational Reports with a single Click, you can always join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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