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Data Collection, Feedback Management, and Document Generation with Salesforce and No Code platforms

Oct 15, 2023 | Recent Posts Featured

Are you or your work team tired off to manage data manually? It is time consuming process as you know. It takes a lot of time to find the accurate data and then transfer it into another document. Here is a complete guide to Salesforce Forms, Surveys, and Document Generation for Beginners.

Document generation supports almost every significant business process, from proposals to invoices, contracts to reports, quotes to business correspondence, and more.

To maintain internal records, complete customer agreements, and maintain compliance, you need accurate and current attestation anyhow of your business, whether it be tech, legal, education, logistics, media, or finance.

In this article I’ll discuss Forms, Forms Benefits, Forms for Data Management

checks, checks benefits, Salesforce Survey robotization for beginners.

What are Salesforce Forms?

Salesforce users use tools to create and manage forms, allow you to gather important data of your guests, business mates and workers. Below is given how to get

Generating Forms

For creating forms, Salesforce’s Lightning App Builder provides a drag- and- drop interface.This tool allows you to produce custom forms acclimatized to your company’s requirements snappily. Salesforce forms are protean and adaptive, whether you are collecting client feedback, leads, or enrollment information for an event.


Salesforce forms can be integrated with lead and contact operation, as well as other CRMfunctions.Management of leads and connections, as well capacity to successfully communicate with your followership.


Using Salesforce’s workflow automation features, you may set off particular conditioning grounded on information given through forms. For case, automating follow- up emails, task distribution to your platoon, or lead status updates can help you save time and work more effectively.

Types of Salesforce Forms

Salesforce checks is still a strong and well- known tool for creating checks, distributing them, and gathering information from a target followership, despite a many downsides. In Salesforce, there are multitudinous approaches to structure the administration of feedback. Some are given below.

Checks of Client Satisfaction( CSAT)

Use CSAT checks, as the name implies, to measure consumer satisfaction with your goods and services. To measure client satisfaction, standing scales are a common kind of question to include in CSAT checks.

checks of the Net protagonist Score( NPS)

NPS checks can be used to measure how devoted your consumers are to your business. However, you can infer this from the commentary they give in these checks, If your consumers are likely to recommend your goods and services to musketeers and family.

Hand Opinion polls

These are typical tools used by enterprises to gain hand feedback. Workers may admit a variety of questionnaires, including, engagement checks, and satisfaction checks.

Product evaluation polls

These polls collect input on the studies guests have about your goods. Making business opinions that prioritize work to improve your product offers can be done by attempting responses.

Checks of client Service

These questionnaires are excellent to use in order to identify which of your service brigades is working well and any areas of direct client contact you can enhance.

Request exploration checks

Use request exploration checks to get information about request trends, consumer preferences, and contender information.

Event evaluation forms

After an event has been held, checks asking for event feedback are constantly employed. In order to get opinions on the event, as general experience and any suggestion, many companies had these forms.

Checks for Website Feedback

Directly overview your website feedback checks on your webpage to enable online guests to give immediate feedback on their relations with your website. Company also offers essential feedback on how material your content is, and also suggestions for other types of content they also interested in.

Product Development check

Using product development checks, you can learn what guests think of a product your company is currently developing. A product’s features and designs may be significantly enhanced as a result of commentary.

360 degree check

360 degree feedback uses for gathering opinion about tier performance. The questions that are used during performance reviews, administrator call responses etc.

Feedback forms for merchandisers and suppliers

These types checks use for learning about the quality of goods services that suppliers and merchandisers provide.

Checks on Case Satisfaction

This is used in sector of healthcare to gather feedback from patients for their healthcare providers.

Benefits of Creating Forms and Gathering Information for Your Salesforce Database

One of the modish choices your company will ever make is to integrate your digital forms with Salesforce. The top 5 advantages are listed below

  1. On the one hand, important particular information and preferences can be directly transferred to your CRM rather than having to manually enter customer and prospect information into Salesforce. Also, choosing to keep your company’s data in Salesforce means that you will have a single source of verity in the top CRM on the earth, which naturally guarantees superior delicacy. The entire data collecting procedure is optimized when you collect data for your Salesforce database using an online form. All necessary information may be attained easily using a form placed in your website, saving you the hassle of trying to get in touch with several individualities and associations to acquire their data.
  2. You will have more detailed and individualized information about guests, prospects, mates, and their separate companies if your form data is automatically fed into Salesforce. All information from an online form will be accompanied to your Salesforce records after submission, where it will condense and meliorate any knowledge you formerly have about important guests, intriguing prospects, and useful mates
  3. You may use the information from your form to produce leads in Salesforce. This can be fulfilled by using a third- party Salesforce product or the web- to- lead capability of Salesforce. This frees up your deals team’s time, eliminates the need for manual lead internee, and gives your company the capability to track every step of the preeminent generation process in Salesforce.
  4. You’ll also be suitable to automate your workflows for further effective business operations. For case, you can direct a specific lead to a salesman on your platoon who’s knowledgeable about the item they’re seeking. Or, if a consumer fills out a check indicating they’re dissatisfied with your service, you can incontinently initiate a follow- up to find out how to more support them and ameliorate their experience. also, you can conform the styles used to produce tasks and reports grounded on form responses!
  5. Choices, choices, choices! These can be exhausting , but if they’re grounded on data entered into Salesforce via an online form, they will be far more accurate and informed. The administrative platoon of your business will have access to Salesforce’s expansive tools, which include clear analytics and reports. For the fullest understanding possible of the people interacting with your association, all submitted data can be compared to other information on a customer or prospect in real time. The outgrowth? To make the stylish choices for their association, leaders are able of taking nippy and decisive action.

Dacument Management for Salesforce

Where does Salesforce document operation come into all of this now that we have talked about document creation and document objects?

The main thing of a document operation system is to store, arrange, and manage documents in the stylish CRM. You have two options for this a native Salesforce result or a document operation system that’s integrated with Salesforce.

The documents tab, attachments, Salesforce Knowledge, Salesforce CRM, and the lines home section are all original Salesforce functionality. You can control Salesforce document storehouse and other angles of document operation using these tools. Also, Salesforce offers the following document operation integrations

Document operation systems using Salesforce

Salesforce offers a number of excellent document operation capabilities. All of these choices help you in streamlining your train association and Salesforce document storehouse.

These include, to name a many, Box, Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It frequently makes sense to integrate Salesforce with the document operation result you formerly use!

Excel( XLS) import from Salesforce

You can export a Salesforce report to Excel if you are using the software, although doing so does involve some homemade setup

Using Excel to Export a Salesforce Report

  1. Click the chosen exported view in Lightning Experience’s import menu after clicking the reports tab. You must choose the Details Only view for Excel and specify if you wantan.xlsx,. xls,or.csv train.
  2. If you choose either.xml or.csv, be sure to elect the applicable encoding.
  3. The final step is to elect Export and save your train.

Although Salesforce does give an Excel connector called” Salesforce Connect” that provides you access to real- time Salesforce data, the interface between Salesforce and Excel is frequently kindly limited. To get the utmost of the Salesforce Excel commerce, we advise bespoke development or the use of a third- party software from the AppExchange.

Salesforce PDF Generation

With the exception of creating a PDF from a quotation object, Salesforce functionalities don’t allow you to produce PDFs.

We advise looking for a result on the AppExchange or performing bespoke development if you need quick and reliable Salesforce PDFoutput. However, keep in mind that Apex law will yield the topmost issues, but make sure you have the specialized know- style and coffers to take this route, If you choose development.

Salesforce to induce Word Documents

You can upload and address DOCX files applying native Salesforce functionalities, but you are incompetent to deliver or redraft Word forms. therefore, you need to appear into a third- party croaker word program if you want your Salesforce to induce a Word document.

Document Generation

Closely every significant business process you can calculate of, from proposals to checks, contracts to reports, quotes to business common denominator, and more, is supported by document creation.

To keep up inner records, entire client agreements, and preserve compliancy, you need good and popular documentation anyhow of your business, whether it be tech, legit , training, logistics, media, or finance.

Are you fitted to learn how to produce Salesforce documents to meliorate your company’s operations? In that case, you’ve set up the right position. Continue reading for fresh information and pro suggestions.

What’s Salesforce Document Generation?

What exactly do we mean by Salesforce Document Generation, also? We’re declaiming about the capacity to deliver papers on the cover applying data from your Salesforce CRM, after all.

This process is entirely automated, producing documents and data that can be assigned. While reducing mortal mistake, you can deliver hours of administrative work.

Salesforce Document Generation| Word Templates

You may automate the tedious businesses by making your Word documents with OmniStudio Document Generation from Salesforce rather than manually inputting data like names, dates, and other significant data over and over again. Your Microsoft Word or PowerPoint templates can be associated with data applying this Salesforce assignment to produce new documents on claim and in bulk.

Produce Documents Automatically

Before, we declaimed about how to make a Microsoft Word template. So, follow the instructions below to continue the automatic work procedure by creating a form from this template and exporting itasa.docx,. pptx,or.pdf following.

  1. From your account, click Generate Document. Next, handpick a following affair type, analogousasa.docx,. pptx,or.pdf suite.
  2. Look for your generated paper in the Notes section.

Salesforce DocumentObjects

When it comes to contract Salesforce Document Objects, the main bone is Content Document. This Salesforce Content Document object represents any form that has been uploaded to Salesforce.

It’s important to have in mind that this document object in Salesforce is accessible for Salesforce CRM Content( interpretation 17.0 and further) and Salesforce lines (interpretation21.0 to the present). There are boundaries to the number of documents you can publish and the limit for regular accounts is 30k. Other options are

  • Contact director, Group, Professional, Enterprise, boundless, and Performance Edition accounts learn 200k new performances in a 24- hour cycle.
  • Dev Edition and trial druggies can publish up to 2,5 k new performances in the same 24- hour cycle.

Salesforce Document Version Control

Can you check document performances in Salesforce? The short replication is yes! Via the Content Version object( this object is a child of the Content Document Object), you can upload a range of different train types to Salesforce similar as JPEG, MP3, and document formats like PDF, DOCX, and XLS. This is a dependable document storehouse option in Salesforce and the compleat part is that if you want to upload a new interpretation of the same line attached to your record, also you can do so.

Salesforce Content Document Data Model

When it comes to concluding the Salesforce Content Document data model, the stylish way to do so is via a illustration, check it out below

  • Reality( My Object) This can be any standard or custom-made object.
  • Content Document This includes Title, Description, and LasPublishedVersionID
  • ContentDocumentLink This includes ContentDocumentId, LinkedEntityId, ShareType, Visibility
  • ContentVersion This includes Title, ContentDocumentId, VersionData, and VersionNumber

Salesforce Upload Document Guide

While there are numerous ways to upload documents in Salesforce( particularly if you elect to use a third- party app for your document operation system in Salesforce), one of the most common is to choose to upload a train.

To do this, simply navigate to a record and choose to upload a cue of your picking and click on Add lines or draw the line you want into the lines clicked list. numerous different train types are supported including PDF, XLX, and DOCX

Salesforce Forms Alternatives

Now that we’ve bandied why you should be applying forms for Salesforce and also taken a look at common use cases, let’s estimate the top form- structure apps on the request.

All the options under give you the capability to produce forms absorbed with Salesforce, but what are the pros and cons of each? And which is the stylish result for your business? Let’s dive in!

FormBuilder for Salesforce

123FormBuilder offers a fairly simple drag- and- drop form- structure result. It’s a great option if you’re looking for commodity easy- to- use but negatively it doesn’t retain a robust integration with Salesforce. Then are its pros and cons


  • You can contain data with online forms
  • Their canon, drag- and- drop platform is simple to apply and understand
  • Tentative sense can be applied in your forms
  • Can be used across Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile


  • This app has a enough inflexible layout with predefined options you ca n’t change
  • Fit integration with Salesforce would bear that you use law
  • In addition, it’s challenging from a development perspective to get this app to integrate with Salesforce in real- time
  • Numerous of this app’s plans come with restrictions on the types of Salesforce objects you can work with
  • This app doesn’t fluently feed to custom use cases
  • Still, also you could surely go with a better form builder, If a flawless integration with Salesforce is what you’re after.

Formsite for Salesforce

Next up on the list is Formsite, which offers several advantages. Formsite integrations compass Google products, giving providers, and Salesforce to name a many. It’s the final bone that we’re most interested in, so let’s check out where Formsite does well and where it falls down


  • Fairly simple setup of web forms for lead prisoner, checks, and contact data
  • Several form templates to choose from to save you time!
  • You can make use of tentative sense to mandate the stoner experience


  • Formsite isn’t known for being fluently customizable, you might also find it’s not scalable enough if you’re a larger enterprise
  • Setting up Salesforce integration can be a headache and to get the kind of flawless connection you want, chances are you’ll have to invest in custom development
  • Our verdict on Formsite is that it doesn’t do enough to stand out in a competitive request, you can maybe look further.

DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign for Salesforce is primarily known as a tool for electronic autographs but it can also get the job done if you’re looking for a form- structure result. DocuSign’s Salesforce integration is also a lot more effective than some of the other options we’ve looked at, so what are its stylish and worst features?


  • Decent Salesforce integration and you have the power to work with forms and documents using Salesforce records
  • DocuSign has solid security including 2FA and encryption options
  • You can automate several processes using DocuSign including pre-filling forms and transferring data to and from Salesforce


  • While DocuSign has a solid Salesforce integration, this isn’t measureless and not all objects and data structures are supported
  • DocuSign can be on the precious side, so be sure to check your budget first
  • DocuSign isn’t the most intuitive tool to use and you might find onboarding takes a little longer
  • The tool is primarily designed for signing and isn’t the most robust forms result
  • Indeed though DocuSign integrates with Salesforce fairly well, it has limitations. We bounce to rather conclude for an app with further technical form- structure capabilities.

FormAssembly for Salesforce

FormAssembly is a well- known form- structure result and it does n’t bear you to invest in any custom development or have any knowledge of law. FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration is also relatively useful. So what are its pros and cons?


  • You can pre-fill forms with Salesforce
  • Integrates well with Salesforce objects
  • produce intuitive forms with tentative sense
  • Drag- and- drop interface and access to an intuitive no- law workflow builder
  • fairly customizable platform
  • Chart data flows to suit your work processes
  • biddable with HIPAA, PCI DSS position 1 instrument, and other leading nonsupervisory fabrics


  • It’s precious compared to other options in the request
  • There are significant limits to the inflexibility of the form layout
  • The app is limited to just form creation and doesn’t support other essential features like document generation and e-signatures
  • Updates to the software are time- consuming

Formstack for Salesforce

Formstack is a big enough player in the world of web forms and if you’re looking for a form- structure result, also you have nearly come across it at one point or another. So what are its stylish and worst points?


  • produce intuitive forms for data collection
  • Work with a no- law, drag- and- drop builder
  • Formstack’s Salesforce integration is below normal, including the capability to pre-fill forms with Salesforce data
  • Produce forms with tentative sense
  • Customise imprinting
  • Security features include reCAPTCHA


  • You only have access to public forms
  • The app doesn’t supply multi-step forms for ultramodern designs
  • The layout stage in form creation has minimum inflexibility
  • biddable with HIPAA, FedRamp, and FERPA but only if you’re willing to dodge veritably high costs


That’s a serape on Salesforce web forms. Hope you enjoyed this companion and learned a whole lot further about Salesforce integration for forms, how to produce a form to break your business use case, and what to look out for when choosing a form- structure result.

Salesforce forms have the power to transfigure your business, streamline your data operation, and help you find out the requirements and preferences of guests.

Selecting a third- party form- structure result on the AppExchange is a great way to insure smoother Salesforce integration while mollifying some of the usability issues of Salesforce itself.

Then at Titan, we’ve a no- law form app that empowers you to design bi-directionally integrated forms for guests and mates in twinkles rather of hours and days. However, why not record a rally moment? If you want to ramp up your go- to- request and deliver astonishing results.

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