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Salesforce Web Applications for Insurance Techs: How to build Online Communities

Apr 25, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Salesforce

Online Communities help companies attract more audience. But, how do you create Online Communities without requiring Coding expertise ? This is where Salesforce Web Applications come into play.

As its name suggests, Salesforce Web Applications help companies create No code Custom Portals, such as Online Communities. Also, as its name shows, Salesforce Web Applications adjust data transmission between an application and Salesforce – that’s how such apps are called Salesforce related apps.

In this article today, we are going to explore Salesforce Web Applications for Insurance Techs. In this regard, you will also learn how to get started with Salesforce Web Applications for Insurance Technology companies.

Also, you will learn how additional information works around the main subject. If you want to skip the additional information, you can JUMP HERE to the specific section That contains the subject matter.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce provides cutting edge features for Customer Relationships Management. With Salesforce, companies of all sizes can efficiently manage their Customers Base.

You can also use Salesforce for other Tasks, depending on your company’s requirements. For example, eCommerce portals use Salesforce to generate automated Invoices. In the same manner, you can also verify proposals, quotes, and agreements with Salesforce eSignatures.

To get started with Salesforce, you can choose and install a No Code application That helps you overcome Salesforce complexity. With a No Code application, you can create and deploy custom Workflow(s) without coding.

Please note, you can maximise Salesforce features differently with different No Code applications. In this case, No Code platforms with various options can help you build different applications with Salesforce, as compared to one with low features.

Introduction to Salesforce Web Applications

Salesforce Web Applications provide a user interface to use and manage applications with Salesforce data. For example, you can create a Static website with a No Code application, which fetches and shows data from a Salesforce account.

When it comes to building and deploying Salesforce based Web Applications, we aim at purposing Technological advancements with Salesforce data.

There are many Use Cases of a Salesforce application. Some of them are using Static websites, Ticket Reservation systems, and Patient appointment system.

To get started, you will need to sign up for a No Code platform That helps you build Salesforce applications. In this case, you can find ideal candidates on the Salesforce Official AppExchange website.

Insurance Techs: How to build Online Communities with Salesforce Web Applications ?

In Insurance Techs, we focus on addressing issues facing the Insurance community. In this case, the IT services That help Insurance companies refer to Insurance Techs in a general sense.

In below lines, we are going to stress enough on building Online Communities with Salesforce Web Applications. In this case, you will be using a No Code interface to get started with Salesforce Integration.

Step (1) – Before you get started with Salesforce Web Applications, you should have installed a No Code application That works with Salesforce system. In this case, the purpose of a No Code platform is to make Salesforce system easy to use and integrate with no Coding involvement.

Step (2) – To build an Online Community for Insurance industry, you can proceed to look for an option That says Landing Pages. Such options entirely depend on the No Code Tool’s interface. In this case, No Code Tools provide a variety of features for building Online Communities, such as Login system.

Step (3) – In this manner, you can create Websites that host Online Communities for your audience. For example, you can create Landing Pages, can also integrate 3rd party Integration with other CMS. In the same manner, you can complete creating custom Web Communities for your audience with Salesforce and a No Code Interface. You will be having pre-made Web Templates for any Use Case and Industry. In the same manner, proceed to finish a complete Web Community with drag and drop options of the No Code Interface.

For example, an example of an Online Community for Insurance audience would be an Education portal for audience. In this case, you can simply design static pages with a No Code interface and put inside the required information for audience.

Step (4) – In the same manner, if you need to perform Salesforce Integration, do so with care. In the end, you should also cover how GET and PUT (Salesforce) works for your web community.

Step (5) – Test and deploy the Online Community for your audience. In this case, we have discussed developing a simple Knowledge Base for educational purposes for Insurance based audience.

Step (6) – Once deployed, you can observe the progress in the Analytics of the No Code platform or see in Salesforce as well. Here, you will be having stats That help you take decisions.

Note: It highly depends on the No Code Tools to develop a Web Based Online Community for your audience. In this case, you can develop a simple Interface to advanced Interfaces with No Code integration with the Salesforce system.


Online Communities serve various purposes to a large audience. With Salesforce, Online Communities can play even more with Salesforce automation.

For example, if you create a Ticket Reservation system with Salesforce, you can automatically generate Documents such as Invoices or Appointments, by using the Salesforce Document Generation features. In the same manner, you can also send documents for verification with the Salesforce eSignatures features.

To get started with Salesforce Web Applications, you will need several aspects of the Trade. For example, along with a Salesforce account, you should be having a No Code application That provides a No Code approach to build Salesforce applications, as well as helps you perform Salesforce Integration without coding.

Also, pay special attention to No Code Integration, GET, and PUT options when designing a No Code custom application for your audience. In this case, GET and PUT may affect how your Web Application affect your audience experience.

Last but not least, No Code Online Communities are built with many applications, known as Page Builders. But, Salesforce Online Communities are different from general ones and provide seamless integration with the Salesforce system, as its name suggests.

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