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Is Linux an Application Software (Detailed Explanation)

Mar 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Low Code, Zero Code

Did you want to learn Linux or wanted to know, whether or not Linux is an Application software ?

You have come to the right place.

Today, we are going to explore Linux and will learn – Is Linux an Application software ?

But to keep things understandable, you need to know its pre-requisites.

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What is Linux ?

Linux is a Kernel having OS Like attributes.

Windows is developed by Microsoft and provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for end users. On the other hand, Linux is developed by Thousands of Developers worldwide.

That’s why Linux is called an Open Source software, because its source code is freely available for developmental purposes.

Unlike Windows OS, Linux operational environment is based on Command Line. It means, you will be able to work on Linux only if you know how Linux CMD works.

However, you can also use Linux GUI at a lower level, for basic operations like Updating Linux applications with a package manager.

Windows vs Linux

As discussed above, Linux provides a CMD interface for users while Windows is purely Graphical in nature.

For beginners who aim at using normal computers, Windows is the best option to go.

However, choosing a specific OS solely depends on personal preferences and Needs.

For example, Windows helps you overcome the fear of using certain applications, such as Excel for Accounting. Conversely, you will need to use Linux if you are eager to handle Server Management.

What is meant by Application Software ?

Now, you are going to learn about Application software.

Application software aim at fulfilling specific purpose for end users. For example, MS Word is a Document Management Tool for people who create, edit, save, and manage office documents.

The opposite to Application software is System software. As its name suggests, System software is equipped to activate and run a computer’s Hardware.

System software also helps Application Tools run smoothly. In simple words, System software provides a BASE for Hardware and Software.

An example of Application software is MS Excel for Accounting. Similarly, count Windows 7 as a System software for normal computers.

Is Linux an Application software ?

After you have gone through above Topics, you are ready to understand whether or not Linux is an Application software in nature.

is linux an application software

Is Linux an Application software

Basically, it seems Linux is a System software but in Technical aspects, Linux is an Application software.

For most of the people, the question carries different answers based on personal preferences and needs.

For example, if you are using Linux with a Dual Boot Windows system, you can call it an Application software.

Similarly, there are people who use Linux on full HDD, thus activating their system’s Hardware with Linux labels Linux as a System software.

In the same manner, Linux is the best option for Servers. In this case, Linux is serving purely as a System software.

However, keep in mind That Linux is distributed freely and is supplied as a Kernel, part of an Operating system. If you are counting Linux as an Operating System, you would need to use it with GNU software.

Above all, you can also say – Linux belongs to Open Source UNIX operating systems, which is based on Linux Kernel.

To be honest, answering the question – Is Linux an Application software, you will need to see underlying context of environment.

If you are considering the face value of concept for Linux, you would call it a System software. Otherwise, you can call Linux an Application software if take Technical factors into account.

Final Thoughts

There is a slight but big difference between System and Application software.

As for as Linux is concerned, Linux is a GNU supplied, Unix like Operating system with Linux as a built-in Kernel.

However, as Linux is also freely distributed as an Open Source software, its nature becomes identical to an Application software.

In simple words, you can count Linux as both System and Application software. But, keep in mind – it highly depends on personal preferences, environment, and background context of the subject.

Having That clarified, there are conditions, factors, and evidences you can count in while deciding whether or not Linux is an Application/System software.

Note: This article contains factually correct, well-researched, and verified information about the subject. If you found something mis-leading or incorrect, please let us know by joining the conversation in the comments.

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