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Ultimate Guide to increasing Educational Application completion with Salesforce Forms

Apr 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, No Code

Have you ever thought about Salesforce Forms to complete Application processes in Educational environments ? You have come to the right place.

Today, we are going to address the importance of Salesforce Forms for Educational institutions. We will learn – how to improve the process of Education Application completion with Salesforce Forms.

Readers should also expect additional information in this write-up, including an introduction to Salesforce Forms in general, relation between Salesforce Forms and Educational vendors, and ways to get started with Salesforce Forms with a No Code platform.

Note: You can always jump straight to the specific section That contains the answer to the question (subject).

Application Process in Higher Education

Education Application process normally address manual routines. In this case, Paper Forms are distributed to students, customers, or individuals involved in a Survey. In this case, manual routines would take days or weeks in some cases to complete.

Having That clarified, manual Application process while you are recruiting for educational sector may even take months. On the other hand, Salesforce Forms are used to streamline the process of Applications in educational sector.

Most importantly, besides other features of Salesforce Forms, one of the most used features is its automation. Salesforce Forms are seamless, accessible via different devices, and work on the go.

Process of Application COMPLETION in Educational Institutions

In Educational Sector, once an application is submitted, a Review process has been initiated by authority. For example, if you have applied for an Educational position, your application’s Review process will ensure data integrity. In this case, the whole process is initiated and completed manually.

On the other hand, we should aim for automation with Salesforce Forms, which collect data, save the data, validate on the spot, and proceed to prepare a results’ document with Salesforce features, on the go.

Literally, you can accomplish an Application process within hours, if not within minutes, as compared to the manual routines of individuals involved in the Application process.

Introduction to Salesforce Forms

Salesforce Forms are used to collect data from Customers. Unlike normal Forms, Salesforce Forms are specific to Salesforce CRM. It involves submitting data to custom Salesforce Objects.

An Application Form process starts with a Form, used to gather data from the students or customers. As for as automating Educational Form submission (Applications) are concerned, Salesforce Forms have got institutions covered with cutting edge features.

To get started, you can start creating a Salesforce Form with a No Code platform of your choice. For example, Titan DXP, a No Code platform That helps you create Salesforce Forms, as well as help you perform Salesforce Integration with a point and click User Interface.

Relation between Salesforce Forms and Higher Education (Application Process)

As discussed above, forget about manual Application process and routines if you are aiming at productivity. At some position, you WILL need to use and run Application processes with Salesforce Forms.

In simple words, we should aim for using Salesforce Forms in Higher Education for the sake of productivity. If manual routines of application processes takes days to complete. We can achieve better results with Salesforce Forms, within hours.

How to increase Application completion with Salesforce Forms ?

To get started with Salesforce Forms, you will need to use a No Code platform for creating Forms. In this case, No Code platforms ensure you create Salesforce Forms with drag and drop User Interface.

The whole process is seamless and avoids using any Coding to create Salesforce Forms. In this case, having That clarified, Salesforce Forms refer to the Forms used to perform Integration with Salesforce. In simple words, Salesforce Forms communicate data with the Salesforce system.

Let’s address how can you start using Salesforce Forms to increase Educational Application completion in no Time, as compared to the manual routines of Educational Applications. Here, an application may refer to the Jobs, student enrolment, or Employee management.

You can start by creating a Salesforce Form with a drag and drop User Interface, provided by No Code platforms. In this case, once yo have created a Form, you can proceed to perform Salesforce Integration right in the Platform’s options.

Once the Salesforce Form is Live, you can start receiving application entries in the system. Now, you should have already configured a Salesforce account with Conditional Logic on the Form Fields.

If for example, you have completed the mentioned routine, you can let Salesforce system create automated documents with Application Form’s data. This process is also known as Salesforce Document Generation.

Next, once the documents are prepared, Salesforce can send the prepared documents automatically to concerned individuals. This process has been initiated for approvals of the Application data.

Overall, once a document is signed and approved by concerned people, the process of Applications in a Higher Educational institution can last up to a final mark.

Having That clarified, unlike manual routines That spreads over weeks, automated Salesforce Forms with eSigning and sending for Approval make the entire process achievable in Hours.

This is how Higher Educational Application processes are improved with a chain of automated actions, involving the creation of Documents, sending them for eSigning, and preparing Application’s status reports in an automated manner.

How to get started with Salesforce Forms ?

It is easy to get started with Salesforce Forms. You will need to sign up for a No Code platform That supports Two features.

  1. Helps you create Salesforce Forms with No Coding involved
  2. Helps you seamlessly integrate Forms with Salesforce

In today’s age, you can find a bunch of No Code platforms for creating Salesforce Forms. Some of the best are available with a Demo version as well.

In this case, you can find a Form Building application online, such as FormTitan, a No Code application to create Salesforce Forms. Similarly, the features set Titan DXP provides is undeniable as well.

Once you start with a No Code Form Building application, you will see a bunch of options to create a Salesforce Form with a drag and drop User Interface.

Choose one and proceed. For example, you will see an option to create a Salesforce Form from scratch. You will also see an option to follow a Wizard to create a Form.

Next, add content snippets to your Form. Think as a simple but clean canvas That helps you place content snippets with a drag and drop User Interface.

Next, you should always name your Form. Once completed, you can save changes and proceed to the next step.

Here, you can also choose pre-made Templates to create a Salesforce Form. In this case, you can start by choosing and editing an existing Template right from available Templates.

Proceed to perform the Salesforce Integration once you have finished designing your Form. This features is also provided by the Form Building application, in most cases.

Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. Once completed, Publish the Form at the end and you will be ready to capture users’ feedback.

Video tutorial to create a Salesforce Form

You may find a different User Interface if you are not using the Tool we have featured in this video tutorial. For your favourite Tool, please consult its official Knowledge Base.

Wrapping up

You can improve your Application process with Salesforce Forms, in any niche possible. Here, in this article, we specifically focused on improving Educational Application process with Salesforce Forms.

No Code Tools, as discussed in the resource, help you seamlessly create Salesforce Forms with drag and drop User Interfaces. Also, you can perform Salesforce Integration with No Code platforms.

Last but not least, if you want to know more about the subject, you can join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts on the subject.

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