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Do Code Editors have Compilers (Detailed Facts)

Jan 12, 2022 | Latest Grid Posts, Low Code, Zero Code

If you are a Coder, you are most likely familiar with Code Editors and Compilers.

But for beginner programmers, you may be asking – do Code Editors have Compilers ?

In this article, we are going to explain whether or not Code Editors also provide Compilation facilities.

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Let’s start describing above factors in more details.

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Do Code Editors have Compilers ?

In a straight forward manner, normal Code Editors don’t have built-in Compilers. Code Editors are used to write, highlight, and fix code syntax errors. However, if you are using an advanced IDE for coding, you may be able to use a built-in Compiler with the IDE as well, such as C++.

In simple words, Code Editors are not meant to compile programming codes. Instead, for beginners, Code Editors are light weight and are used for learning purposes.

Having That clarified, when using a Code Editor, you will only be able to write, highlight, and fix minor syntax errors inside the editor.

It means, to make advanced moves like Code Syntax suggestions, you will need to use a different, more advanced Code Editor or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Like old days, programmers had to write source codes in a Code Editor, say Notepad++, and would proceed to put the coded file in a separate software, called a Compiler That would compile and spot out programming errors.

In today’s programming world, you can put together and use a Code Editor and Compiler in a single coding software, such as an IDE, such as VS Studio.

Concluding, you can say That modern Code Editors are using built-in Compilers. But you should call them Coding Frameworks or IDEs, instead of calling them simple Code Editors.

Introduction to Code Editors

Code Editors are simple Text editors That are used to edit software source codes.

The difference between simple Text Editors and Code Editors is That Code Editors use colours to differentiate source codes.

For example, Notepad++ is a rich code editor That is used to write source codes for different programming languages, such as HTML, PHP, and SQL.

Once you start using a Code Editor, you will be able to see your code in different colours and indentation. This makes Code Editors easy to use for writing and studying source codes.

What is Compilation ?

In programming world, Compilation refers to converting a high level script into Object code. We can also say, Compilation is used to convert a high level source code into Machine understandable code.

Compilation is necessary to let computers know what they need to do to solve a problem or execute a source code instruction.

Once you have written a source code, you can compile your code with the help of modern Integrated Development Environments (IDE).

Keep in mind, using a specific Compiler highly depends on the language of the source code. For example, a Compiler used to compile PHP code may not be usable to understand a C++ code.

In simple and concluded manner, Compilation is also a process to check your code for errors.

What is meant by Compilers ?

The program or software That performs the compilation process is called a Compiler.

For example, the C++ IDE also contain a compiler to compile the code. Once you have written the code, you can right away compile and execute the C++ source code.

Today’s modern Compilers also help you run your source code. In this case, you may need to use a Code Editor That also contain a Compiler.

Final Thoughts

Do Code Editors have Compilers ?

Code Editors are meant to write codes, not to compile programming codes.

On the other hand, you can use IDEs to write and compile source codes. In simple manner, Coding Frameworks or IDEs have built-in Code Editors, along with compilers to compile programming codes.

Having That clarified, beginners are advised to use Code Editors for learning purposes. However, using specialized Editors with Compilation functionality is a matter of advanced programming.

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