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Can you Code on a Bad PC (Things to Consider)

Jan 5, 2022 | Low Code, No Code

Did you plan to start coding this Month and are wondering whether or not can you code on a Bad PC ?

Before we dive deep into the subject matter, we need to define a Good and Bad computer.

In simple words, a Good computer refers to one with a fast processor, so That processing speed will be faster than Bad PCs. On the other hand, Bad PCs refer to ones with a slow processor and speed.

In this article, we will discuss whether we can use a slow speed computer for coding and programming related Tasks.

Can you Code on a Bad PC ?

In order to decide and proceed to use a slow speed computer for coding, you will need to consider the following facts.

Using a slow speed computer for coding is 100% possible. If you are a beginner while learning to code, having a more than slow speed PC is not necessary.

It also depends on your career level. For example, beginners can use a bad PC to learn the basics of computer programming and coding. On the other hand, advanced coders need good PCs to write, debug, and compile complex programming Tasks.

coding on a bad pc

Can You Code on a Bad PC

Having a good or bad PC also depends on what type of programming you are going to do. For example, for normal web development, you can use a medium speed computer, if not a bad one.

Similarly, on the other hand – if you are someone who deals with IDE and Gaming programming, complex debugging processes, and deployment structures, man, you will need a good PC with faster processing speed.

You can code on a Bad PC if you only work with a Code Editor to code, as compared to using an IDE. Also, you will need to close additional applications while coding, such as keeping opened several Browser Tabs while coding with an Online IDE.

If you still plan to code on a Bad PC, you can also write code on a simple Notepad, in case you know what are you doing. Later, after you have finished writing source code, you can use a smarter PC to compile your code.

When using a special coding framework like VS Code, you can also disable unnecessary extension to speed up your bad computer for programming Tasks. In this case, not all the VS Code’s extension are required for most of us and disabling them helps you speed up your bad PC.

One of the best solutions to bad PCs for coding is to use an online Code Editor. Such editors help you write and compile a source code using your Internet Browser, such as Google Chrome.

In case of using an online Code Editor to code, you don’t need additional factors, except using a simple browser to load and write codes with online applications. You can also call them Online IDE’s.

Online IDE’s also help you build a complex coding lab without having a good PC. For example, you don’t need to setup multiple frameworks if you plan to use different languages, such as HTML, CSS, and PHP with a local server.

Online IDE’s in this case also help you share your source codes with colleagues. In simple manners, you can also use an online IDE like Google Documents, helping you share your work across Team Members.

You can start using an Online IDE by signing up to Replit. Similarly, you can also use Code Pen to write, edit, and share your web development related scripts across Team Members.

While using an online IDE to code, you can also use a Chrome Extension to suspend idle Tabs. It quickly helps you speed up your browsing experience while using an online IDE to code.

Final Thoughts

You can also use a bad PC for coding, but it highly depends on your skills, labs, and programming needs.

There are several factors involved in using a bad PC for coding, such as level of debugging and compiling a source code, additional requirements like Extensions, and frameworks if you really need them to code, such as VS Code or an IDE.

If using a bad PC is mandatory, you can tweak your PC with a little effort. However, if coding and compiling complex scripts is undeniable, you will need to use a good PC to code.

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